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Posted: May 7, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The NFL draft was last weekend, so everyone has had time to see who picked who and how they fit with the team they went to. I kind of understand how everyone wants to know how the experts think that their favorite team did in the draft, but can you really have any idea without seeing them play? To be fair even seeing a guy play in his first year might not be the deciding factor on if he was a good draft pick or not. Some players take more time to develop than others and to be fair it could take three to five seasons before you actually know how a draft turned out for your favorite team.

As always there where some interesting things that happened at the draft. The first five players drafted where all from the defensive side. There was just one quarterback taken in the 1st round and the second quarterback didn’t come off the board until the 3rd round. There were six wide receivers selected in the 1st round including three in a row from picks 10 through 12. The first running back was drafted with the 4th pick of the 2nd round #36.

Now it’s always fun to speculate, so I want to know how you think your favorite team did in the draft. Do you like what they did? Or do you think they missed a player they should’ve taken?

Going into the draft one of the stories to keep an eye on was what would the Cleveland Browns do with Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has made it clear that he no longer wants to be with the Browns and Cleveland made it pretty clear they were moving on from Mayfield when they traded for Deshaun Watson.

There was quite a bit of talk about what teams might step up during the draft and make a trade for Mayfield, but that didn’t happen and now with the draft come and gone you have to ask, what happens to Mayfield now?

Mayfield carries a salary of right around $18 million dollar for this coming season and that could be a tough number for teams to fit into their salary cap right now. It’s possible that could be one of the reasons why Mayfield is still with Cleveland. He also had shoulder surgery and I’m sure any team that would be interested in him would want to make sure he 100% before they acquired him. You also can’t forget that Mayfield didn’t play all that well last season. Now you’d like to think that the injury had something to do with it as he played hurt for quite a bit of the season, but you know that’s in teams’ minds.

I’m not sure if the Browns and Mayfield could actually mend fences and have him be on the team at the start of this coming season, but it may be something they need to do. Don’t forget that Watson has yet to face any type of discipline from the NFL stemming from those charges that were made against him by multiple women in Texas. While it doesn’t appear as though Watson will ever be criminally charged for those accusations there’s still a chance that the NFL could levee a suspension against him. If Watson was suspended for Multiple games to start this season would the Browns turn to Mayfield as their starting quarterback? Cleveland did add veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett this off season, so they could turn to him instead of Mayfield if Watson misses games.

It’s an odd situation in Cleveland, so what do you see the Browns doing? Will they end up trading Mayfield? And if so, where do you see him ending up and what do you think Cleveland gets for him in return. I’ll be interested to see what you think will happen with this situation.

Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. They’ll probably trade him, but I don’t think they’ll much back in return.


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