Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: April 6, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Even though it’s starting a little late the Major League Baseball season gets up and rolling tomorrow. Now sine it is still early April it should come as no surprise that there are already two games that have been postponed.

Earlier today the Minnesota Twins announced that they have postponed their opening day game tomorrow against the Seattle Mariners and then not long after that it was announced that the game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox has also been postponed.

As of right now both the Twins and the Yankees will have their home openers on Friday and don’t be surprised if there are a few more of tomorrow’s games end up getting cancelled.

With the expanded playoffs and the fact that there are still going to be 162 games this season it can be difficult for Major League Baseball to get a fair schedule to open the season with. The obvious answer is to start the season in the warmer areas of the country or play in domed stadiums, but that’s not exactly fair to those teams since that would load up the front half of their schedule with home games.

The schedule makers try to be fair, but when you have games scheduled for places like Minnesota and New York as well as Chicago and Detroit there’s a chance that you’ll encounter some bad weather this time of the year.

The Chicago Cubs are scheduled to open their season at home tomorrow against the Milwaukee Brewers, but there’s rain in the forecast for most of the day in Chicago tomorrow. The Detroit Tigers don’t open their season until Friday when they host the Chicago White Sox, but their last spring training game today against the Baltimore Orioles was cancelled and that was to be played in Detroit today.

I guess will have to wait and see how many games end up being played tomorrow, but as of now we know that two of them won’t be.

Do you have any ideas for Major League Baseball on how to avoid these early season postponements that don’t involve loading a teams scheduled up with a bunch of home games because they play out West or in a domed stadium? If you have a good idea, I’m sure Major League Baseball would be very interested in it.

Now, we don’t talk too much about golf on the Sports Time Radio podcast, but it’s worth noting that Tiger Woods is going to try to play in the Masters tournament starting tomorrow.

This will be the first tournament that Woods has played in since his automobile accident 14 months ago. Woods did play in an event with hhis son, but this will be his first competitive tournament since that accident.

Even though he hasn’t played Woods is still the biggest name in golf and their where reports that once he announced that he was going to play there were quite a few bets placed on him to either win the tournament or miss the cut. No matter how Woods actually play the one thing it will do for the Masters is improve their television ratings especially if Woods makes the cut and plays on Saturday and Sunday. Just imagine what the television ratings will be if he’s actually in contention to win the tournament on Sunday.

If you were going to put your hard earned money down on Woods would you be betting on him to win the tournament? Or would you be betting on him to miss the cut?

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  1. It would be a great story if Tiger Woods was actually in contention but I doubt that very much. I don’t think he’ll make the cut or even finish the tournament.
    I read about those postponements earlier today. The typical early season MLB blues and don’t forget that the season is starting about a week or so later than originally scheduled. The first game was supposed to be played on March 31.
    As you suggest, they can load up on starting the season on the west coast or with teams with domed stadiums, but wouldn’t that give them a huge advantage starting out? Other than Oakland, of course!


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