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Posted: March 12, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, if you’re a sports fan there’s a lot going on for you. Let’s try to take a quick look at what is going on and hopefully we won’t miss anything.

Of course, will start with what’s closest to my fandom and that’s that we got baseball back this week. The Owners and the Players Union finally managed to get their heads out of their rear end’s and agreed on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Spring training camps are opening this weekend and the regular season is scheduled to start on April 7th.

I’m glad they were finally able to come to an agreement, but for me it’s too little too late as I won’t be watching games this season. If you keep up with the blog here you know that I wrote if the regular season started late, I wouldn’t be watching any games this season and sadly for me their starting the regular season later than planned, so I won’t be watching this season.

We’ve also had quite a bit of NFL news this week. We’ve seen some big-name players get traded. We’ve also seen some bigger name layers get released as teams try to either get under the salary cap or just make some extra salary cap room to try and sign free agents. NFL teams also had to decide if they were going to use their franchise tag on a player this week. NFL teams can officially sign free agents this coming Wednesday and of course there’s always the NFL draft to talk about.

As we stop by to check in with the NHL and the NBA you can see that their regular seasons are winding down and they’ll be headed into the playoffs soon. It’s always a little easier to pick a favorite in the NBA than it is in the NHL as there always seems to be upset in the NHL playoffs. Hopefully your favorite team is in the playoff race, and you’ll have a good reason to watch NHL or NBA games down the stretch and then into the playoffs.

If you’re not keeping up with the “Big 4” sports as they’re considered there are other sports out there for you to watch. The NASCAR season is up and running and they’ll be racing in Phoenix Arizona this weekend. There’s also the PGA Tour where play was suspended yesterday at the Players Championship with three players tied for the lead at 6 under par. The LPGA tour stop this week is in Thailand and as of now Nanna Koerstz Madsen has a one stroke lead over Celine Boutier and Xiyu Lin.

Plus, we have both the NCAA men’s and women’s conference basketball tournaments wrapping up as it “March Madness” time. Both the men’s and the women’s brackets will be released tomorrow and then you’ll be able to put your brackets together.

I don’t follow college basketball a lot during the regular season, but like most people I do fill out a bracket for both the men’s and the women’s tournament, but I never do very well. Every now and then I managed to pick the right team that wins it all or I get a few teams into the Final Four, but that’s about the extent of my luck.

Now, yesterday on the Sports Time Radio podcast Schaumburg Stu talked about the difficulty of actually putting together a perfect NCAA bracket. Now I don’t believe this has ever happened and a I don’t know if they still do this, but there was a very big prize being awarded for anyone who could do that. I don’t remember the actual amount they were offering, but I believe the cash award was millions of dollars. I’m guessing at some point in time someone will nail a perfect bracket, but when it happens, I doubt it will be someone who’s looked at as a college basketball expert or someone who put together an algorithm to pick games. I have a feeling it will be a casual fan who just picks the name of the teams they like or the color of the jerseys they thought looked better. I think the one thing I know for sure is if and when a perfect bracket does happen there will be very little to almost no chance that it will be my bracket.

Well, we ran through a lot in this blog, but what I want to know from you is, what will you be watching? The other thing is, do you fill out an NCAA tournament bracket?

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  1. I haven’t filled out a bracket in years. I used to follow the NCAA tournament much more closely when I was younger. Now, with the addition of all the extra teams, it seems like a tedious chore.
    Unlike you, I will be watching baseball when the regular season resumes although the current Chicago Cub roster doesn’t give me much in the way of anticipation. On paper, they look quite pedestrian right now but maybe they’ll shock everyone and sign a major free agent over the next couple of weeks.
    Has Eddie Goldman and Tarik Cohen signed with the USFL yet?


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