Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: February 23, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Humorously we got a little peak into the NFL’s off season and it looks as though it’s going to be dominated by Aaron Rodgers again.

Rodgers posted a statement on social media yesterday and the media went wild trying to read into what he meant. Now Rodgers seems as though he does this on purpose just because he knows that the media is going to go crazy over any type of statement he makes.

Now I didn’t even bother to read Rodgers statement because from what I had already heard it didn’t mention anything about what his plans for next season are. For some reason the media started reporting that Rodgers statement sounded like he was saying goodbye to Green Bay, but as of right now no one actually has any idea if that’s the case.

Now Rodgers has said that he’d make his decision known before free agency starts, but I have a feeling he’s going to make his decision as late as he possible can. I wouldn’t be surprised if just minutes or even seconds before the free agency period starts is when Rodgers will make his announcement.

The one thing that has attracted my interest to this story is if or how many more times Rodgers can string the media along by releasing social media statements and get them to fall all over themselves trying to figure out what he meant and what he’s going to do. After yesterday you have to figure that every time he says or posts anything it will be breaking news even if it’s nothing like his statement from yesterday turned out to be.

In any case Rodgers still has us all just waiting for him to make and then announce what his plans are for next season.

Even though the NBA is on their extended All-Star break there was some interesting Zion Williamson news that came out yesterday and while most people have covered that to death, I wanted to go a different way with Williamson. What I’m wonder with his injuries is he going to turn out to be a bust?

Williamson was the #1 overall pick in the 2019 draft, but due to injuries he hasn’t played a game this season and in his first two NBA season Williamson played in only 85 of a possible 162 games. With only about 20 games left in their regular season it doesn’t make much sense for the New Orleans Pelicans to bring Williamson back this season unless they know that he’s 100% healthy and there’s no chance of him re-aggravating his foot injury. If Willamson doesn’t play in a game for the Pelicans, this season that means he’ll have appeared in just 85 out of 243 games possible games over his first three NBA seasons.

Now when Williamson is healthy and on the basketball court, he’s shown that he can play at a high level, but he just can’t seem to stay healthy. Wiliamson averaged 27 points and 7.2 rebounds per game last season before it was cut short by the injury he’s still dealing with.

Now at the trade deadline the Pelicans acquired C.J. McCollum from the Portland Trailblazers to pair with Williamson when he returns. New Orleans also received Larry Nance Jr. and Tony Snell in that deal. The question now becomes will Williamson ever be healthy enough to join McCollum in the Pelicans line up.

If Williamson can return healthy at some point, he would give New Orleans three players along with McCollum and Brandon Ingram who can score. Now I’m not sure if these three players would be considered a “Big Three” as teams in the NBA like to put together, but they would be a very solid group to build around. While McCollum is the oldest of this group, he’s just 30 years old while Ingram is 24 years old, and Williamson is just 22 years old.

Since the Pelicans won’t make the playoffs in the Western conference they’ll be in the draft lottery. Imagine if the ping pong balls fall their way and they end up with a top draft pick. That would give them the opportunity to add another young, talented player to the group they have.

So, jump in here and let me know what you think. Is Williamson going to find a way to get healthy? Or are we going to talk about him as an injury bust down the road? I’d also be interested to know what you think about the Pelicans future. Can they build a competitive team in the Western conference with a healthy Williamson? Or do you see things going another way for New Orleans?

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  1. So far, it’s looking like Williamson is going to be a oft injured player and may turn out to be a huge bust for New Orleans.
    Rodgers is a real sleaze; I’ve tuned out listening to his babble.


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