Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: February 16, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

As you know if you’ve been following the blog, I haven’t done all that well with my NFL playoff predictions this season. Well, I did manage to get my Super Bowl pick correct, so that made me a wonderful 8-7 with my playoff predictions. At least I managed to finish over .500.

While we’re on football I have to say that I got a good laugh out of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray pouting. If you haven’t heard Murray unfollowed or scrubbed as they say the Cardinals from his all his social media accounts. As it turned out Murray was upset because he felt that he was getting too much blame for the Cardinals short comings this past season. I guess Murray never heard the old cliche about how the quarterback gets too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses and let’s face it the Cardinals were a letdown this past season.

Arizona came out of the gate winning seven straight and they were not only being mentioned as a Super Bowl contender, but Murray’s name kept coming up in the MVP conversation. The Cardinals went 3-2 over their next five games, but still looked to be in great position to possibly win the NFC West or at least grab a wild card spot.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals they fell apart. Arizona went 1-4 over their final five games and while they still finished with a very respectable 11-6 on the season Arizona had to settle for a wild card spot.

The Cardinals traveled to Los Angeles to face the Rams in the first ever Monday night playoff game and it didn’t go well for Arizona as they were beaten easily by the eventual Super Bowl champions 34-11. Arizona was down 21 points before they even managed to score, and the game was pretty much over by halftime.

With the way the season started expectations built up for the Cardinals and with the way it ended you knew there would be finger pointing. I guess Murray didn’t think that any of the blame would be put on him, but I guess he hasn’t paid much attention to what goes on in the off season when a team ends up being a letdown. The two people who always have the most fingers pointed at them are the head coach and the starting quarterback and Murray falls into one of those categories.

Murray is in the fourth year of his rookie contract and since he was a 1st round pick the Cardinals should hold a fifth-year option on him. In this day and age with the way athletes are you’d think Murray will get over this and it’s a good bet that he’s Arizona’s starting quarterback next season, but if he can’t get over this little fit, he’s having, what can the Cardinals do with him?

Murray was the #1 overall pick in the 2019 draft and I’m not sure if the Cardinals could get equal value in a trade if they decide to deal him. Murray has shown improvement ever season, so it would make sense for the Cardinals to want to keep him, but would Murray be willing to stay with Arizona long term?

Now there are three or four teams that are currently looking for quarterbacks, so maybe they’ll reach out to Arizona and see if a trade cane be made, but you have to wonder what the asking price would be. You’d have to figure Arizona would want multiple 1st round picks for a player like Murray. Is there a team out there that would be willing to mortgage their future for Murray? With the draft coming up, I guess will have to wait and see if a team tries to make a move for Murray or if the Cardinals are even entertaining trading him.

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  1. Arizona faltered badly at the end of the season. I don’t think they’ll be a ton of interest in Murray.


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