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Posted: February 5, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The weekend off before the Super Bowl is looked at as a slow sports weekend, but there are sports to watch. You could watch some NBA or college basketball. There’s PGA and LPGA golf as well as the NHL All-Star game and don’t forget about the winter Olympics. Who knows maybe while you’re searching for something to watch you’ll come across a new spot that you like?

As for me I’m not a big fan of the All-Star games with the exception of baseball and the fact that there’s only one Chicago Blackhawks player on the Central division team there’s no real attraction for me to watch. I’m sure by now you know that I’m not a fan of the NBA game, but I will watch a little college basketball. As for golf, well I actually do have that on the television right now as I’m writing this. Olympic wise I prefer the events that are involved with the summer Olympics, but I will check-in from time to time to see what event they’re showing and depending on what it is I might stick around and watch some of it. I spent about a half an hour the other day watching Curling.

So, I’m interested to know what your television viewing was this weekend. Was there something you had to see? Or did you just so happen to come across a new sport you watched?

After looking at the first couple of paragraphs I forgot that the NFL Pro Bowl will be played tomorrow. Well, I guess the fact that I completely forgot about the game tells you what I think about it. Yesterday on the Sports Time Radio podcast Schaumburg Stu did pick the NFC to win the Pro Bowl. The AFC was a 1-point favorite when Schaumburg Stu made his pick, but do people really bet on the Pro Bowl? I’m sure they do. I know the Pro Bowl does a good television rating, but I won’t be watching. Will you?

Unfortunately, there’s been absolutely no movement at all in the talks between the MLB Players Union and the Owners; so more and more it looks like spring training will be delayed and if spring training is delayed, you’d have to think that the start of the regular season will be delayed as well.

The MLB Players Union did submit what they called a new proposal, but it wasn’t much different than the one they started with. Apparently, the Owners were going to submit a new proposal from their side, but instead they asked for federal mediator to become involved and help “break the deadlock”, but that was turned down very quickly by the MLB Players Union.

It’s kind of interesting that the MLB Players Union turned down the mediation offer, and it makes you wonder if they think they would come out on the short end of the stick if they went through mediation. Is it possible that a mediator would see some of their demands as ridiculous and way out of the realm of reality? Because let’s face it some of the things that the MLB Players Union has brought up have been a joke. I know that fans always like to try and place blame and it’s very easy to blame the richer owners over the almost as rich players, but it almost seems as though the MLB Players Union isn’t negotiating in good faith. I’m beginning to wonder if the MLB Players Union thinks that a delay in the start of the season will allow them to get what they want in these negotiations because the Owners will lose ticket revenue. Don’t forget that just two years ago MLB played just a 60-game season due to the Covid-19 outbreak so, the Owners lost ticket revenues and everything else that has to do with games being played and having fans in the stands.

If there’s no mediation between these two sides, it looks like the lockout will last for quite a while and you have to wonder when it gets to the point that the entire 2022 baseball season might be lost. It’s quite sad that these two sides can’t work out an agreement and that they don’t seem to understand that it only hurts their fans and the game itself.

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  1. If the 2022 baseball season is cancelled, I think the impact would be devastaing on the fan base, the owners, the tv stations and the sponsors. Baseball might never recover from this debacle if it actually happens.
    At least the Bulls have a Sunday afternoon game that I can check out from time to time. They’ll have a tough time against Philadelphia but at least they’ll be at home which is always good for a few points. If they’ll be a favorite, I doubt if it will be more than a point or two.


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