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Posted: January 8, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The final week of the NFL’s regular season starts today and while the majority of the playoff spots are set there are still some teams that have chances to either get into the playoffs or fall out of the playoffs.

For me the most interesting of the playoff scenarios has to do with the Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Colts are currently in the playoffs and the winner of the Raiders/Chargers game would get the final AFC playoff spot, but there is a way that both the Raiders and the Chargers could wind up in the playoffs and the Colts could end up missing the playoffs.

If the Colts lose their game Sunday in Jacksonville against the Jaquars and the Raiders/Chargers game ends in a tie both the Raiders and the Chargers would make the playoffs and the Colts would be the team that would miss out on the playoffs.

What really cracked me up about this scenario was there where people in the media that actually were suggesting that the Raiders and the Chargers should get together and agree to tie so both teams could get into the playoffs. Obviously, that was one of the stupidest suggestions ever made, but there where media members out there who were serious about it. Of course, neither team had any interest in doing that and since they’re in the same division and even though they’re not considered rivals I’m sure each team would like nothing better than to keep the other from making the playoffs.

Now this whole situation would have to start with the Jaquars being able to beat the Colts. Now the Colts at 9-7 are the clear favorites to win this game against the 2-14 Jaquars, but Indianapolis has had its struggles in Jacksonville. Believe it or not the Jaquars have actually beaten the Colts five or six consecutive times in Jacksonville so while the Colts are the clear favorite in this game because of this stat I’m not sure you can count the Jaquars out of this game.

Now once this final week of the regular season is over there will be teams focusing on the payoffs and other teams looking to make coaching changes. We already have two openings in Las Vegas and Jacksonville, but there are a few more teams that may be in the market for a new head coach once this regular season ends.

As I’ve mentioned before I live in the Chicago suburbs, and everyone is convinced that this is Matt Nagy’s final game as Bears head coach. There has also been some talk that another NFC North team the Minnesota Vikings may move on from their current head coach Mike Zimmer. There are also some other coaches who could be on the hot seat after Week 18. It’s possible that the Seattle Seahawks will be getting rid of Pete Carroll. It’s been reported that the Denver Broncos could replace their current head coach Vic Fangio and with the way the Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has talked about head coach Matt Rhule you’d think that they’ll be making a change there.

The Jaquars have already started to line up interviews for their head coaching vacancy. They have plans to interview former Houston Texans head coach and current Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. Jacksonville is also interested in interviewing Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich who is a former Jaquars quarterback.

Do you think this is an advantage for Jacksonville that they’re getting their interviews lined up while these other teams are still deciding if they’ll be making a head coaching change? It seems like it’s smart move on the Jaquars part.

Schaumburg Stu’s weekend got off to a good start as he had the Chicago Bulls covering the 5 1/2 point spread against the Washington Wizards, and they did as the Bulls won 130-122. For the rest of the weekend Schaumburg Stu has the Vegas Golden Knights beating the Chicago Blackhawks tonight. On Sunday Schaumburg Stu has the Minnesota Vikings beating the Chicago Bears in their season finale and then on Monday Schaumburg Stu likes the University of Alabama to win the national championship by beating the University of Georgia.

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  1. I think the Colts will overcome their Jacksonville jinx and make it into the playoffs.
    That tie suggestion so that both teams make the playoffs was beyond bizarre!


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