Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 8, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well ready or not the NFL season is going to kickoff tomorrow night when the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Dallas Cowboys.

Now not only does tomorrow kickoff the NFL’s regular season, but it’s also the start of fantasy football season as well. No I’m in multiple leagues this season, but only one of them is for money. I enjoy playing fantasy football, but I’m not confident enough to spend a lot of money doing it.

Two of the leagues I’m in are 20 team leagues; so as you can guess those drafts can take some time especially when they’re done in the auction style format. Humorously the league that I actually pay for is a smaller league with 15 teams and out of all of the drafts I did that one was far and away the longest of them all and there’s really no reason for it.

This league has been around for quite a while and I share a team with Mr. Fantasy; if you remember him from early on in the Sports Time Radio podcast days. He actually got us involved through someone who was in the league that he was working with at the time.

Now the other players in this league are some of the most knowledgeable fantasy sports players out there, but I’m surprised by how well they do when they seem to be distracted when we’re doing the draft. We used to get together to draft and that made things go quicker, but with Covid-19 happening we started doing the draft online and that really and I mean really slows things down. Two years ago we had one of the guys n the league go to brunch while we where drafting and it took him 34 minutes to make a pick. This season we had someone who was actually on the golf course while the draft was going on. As you can imagine it took him a lot longer to make his picks than it did any other team. Now the thing that baffles me is even with all of the distractions that these other people in the league have going on while drafting they still end up with quality competitive teams. I really just don’t understand how they do it.

Now it won’t come as much of a surprise that in all of the leagues I’m in there where a large amount of Tampa Bay players drafted. You expect players like Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to go and they all did rather early. No two other Buccaneers wide receiver where drafted as someone took Antonio Brown while another team drafted Scotty Miller. There where three Tampa Bay running backs drafted as Leonard Founette, Ronald Jones and Giovanni Bernard will be in my leagues. Rob Gronkowski ended up being drafted towards the end of the draft, but I was a little surprised to see someone draft another Tampa Bay tight end picking up O.J. Howard. With 10 players being drafted in all Tampa Bay had more players selected than ay other team.

Remember that a couple of these leagues have 20 teams in them; so you do have to go pretty deep into positions, but 10 players from one team is a lot. Now Tampa Bay has a good offense, but you’d think that a like the Kansas City Chiefs would have a large number of players taken, but there where only five or six players from the Chiefs offense drafted.

Now I think that all of my drafts went well and hopefully my teams will be good, but as you know there are a lot of factors that go into having a good fantasy season. Injuries are always the biggest key to a fantasy season. Last season we had the #1 overall pick in the league we pay for draft and we went with Christian McCaffrey like most people with the #1 pick did. Do to injury McCaffrey played in just three games last season and while he did score six touchdowns in those three games obviously you’d like your 1st round draft pick to play in more than three games.

If you had a fantasy football draft I’d be interested to know how you think it went for you and how you think your team is going to do this season. Hopefully you and I will have some good luck this season and then I can write about how we won our leagues at the end of the season.

Now Tampa Bay is the trendy pick to go back to the Super Bowl out of the NFC while the Chiefs seem to be most people’s pick to go to the Super Bowl out of the AFC. That means for the first time since 1993 we’d have the same Super Bowl math up two years in a row. Back in 1993 it was the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills who met in the Super Bowl in 1992 and 1993. In case you’re wondering Dallas won both of those Super Bowl match ups.

Speaking of Buffalo it’s expected that the Bills could be the team that will challenge Kansas City in the AFC. There are some other teams that may be able to step up and challenge for a chance to go to the Super Bowl out of the AFC, but it appears as though Kansas City and Buffalo are the two favorites coming into the season.

Now in the NFC the Buccaneers should get some competition from the Green Bay Packers in what looks like Aaron Rodgers last season playing for them. It’s also possible that whichever team manages to survive the NFC West might be a challenger to the Buccaneers. The question is will it be the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers or possibly the Arizona Cardinals that might be the team to come out of the NFC West.

Well there are always a lot of questions coming into an NFL season and will start getting some of those answers starting tomorrow night and will get some more answers this weekend as Week 1 starts.

Now I’d like to see two different teams in the Super Bowl this season; so I’m going with the Seahawks beating the Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl this season. Now I’m interested to know who you think will not only be in the Super Bowl, but who you have winning it.

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  1. That’s an interesting selection you made for the Super Bowl. In horse racing parlance, the favorite is called “the chalk” so you certainly didn’t go for the most popular selection.
    Seattle, though, is usually a contender and this year will be no exception. They’re almost impossible to beat at home. Cleveland is an interesting choice and they’ve been steadily improving for years. I remember when they got their start in that alternative league to the NFL. And they were just as formidable when they were absorbed into the NFL. After years being without an NFL team, Cleveland finally got a team again and it’s taken them quite some time to be a contender.


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