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Posted: September 1, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Yesterday NFL teams made a ton of cuts as they whittle their roster down to the 53 players they’ll keep when the season opens a week from tomorrow.

No there are always a couple of players that get cut that are surprises, but yesterday the biggest surprise was Cam Newton being cut by the New England Patriots. The Patriots also cut quarterback Brian Hoyer; so as of right now rookie Mac Jones is the only quarterback on New England’s roster. There are reports that Hoyer will be brought back as Jones’ back up, but it’s possible the Patriots go in a different direction. I think the only thing we know for sure is that New England will add a quarterback at some point in time before the season starts.

Humorously I heard some NFL analyst say they weren’t surprised that the Patriots decided to cut Newton. This is just a flat out lie. There was no one out there that had any inkling that the Patriots would be cutting Newton. It’s easy to say that you knew this is going to happen, but no one went on television or wrote that this was going to actually happen. All these statements are is a way for whoever is trying to sell this to gain some credibility with either the people watching their television show or reading their article.

Newton had a solid pre-season. He played in all three of New England’s pre-season games and went 14 of 21 for 162 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. It looked like Newton was being considered as a possible starter for the Patriots with the way he was handle during the pre-season.

Now the question becomes what happens to Newton now. Obviously he’s not going to be starting for any team Week 1, but you’d have to think that there are a few teams that will have interest in bringing him in as a back up.

There where repots that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins contacted the Houston Texans about possibly trading or Deshaun Watson. Apparently the Texans asked the eagles for three 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks. No surprise that Philadelphia said no to that type of a deal. No one really knows how far talks between the Dolphins and the Texans went, but as of now Watson is on the Texans roster.

Now instead of having to give away multiple draft picks for a quarterback with multiple sexual assault charges hanging over his head the Eagle or Dolphins could get a similar quarterback in Newton and they wouldn’t need to part with any draft picks.

Both the Eagles and the Dolphins have young quarterbacks. Jalen Hurts is the starting quarterback for Philadelphia while Tua Tagovailoa is the Dolphins starting quarterback. The Eagles did bring in veteran quarterback Joe Flacco to back up Hurts, but Newton would be an upgrade over Flacco and is much more similar in his quarterback style to Hurts. Miami has another former Patriots quarterback on their roster in Jacoby Brissett to back up Tagovailoa, but it’s still possible they could be interested in bringing Newton on board.

Now after this season who knows where Newton will end up or if he’ll even want to continue to play football. Newton has played seasons in the NFL. He’s started 139 games at quarterback. He’s won an MVP award and even though his didn’t win it he’s played in a Super Bowl. Newton has accomplished a lot in his career with the exception of that Super Bowl win. It’s possible that Newton may just want to walk away from football and start another career.

I’m sure will hear Newton’s name come up with a few teams this off season. Since this is Aaron Rodgers last season with the Green Bay Packers I’m sure Newton’s name will come up there. Most people have Rodgers linked to the Denver Broncos, but if Rodgers retires that would make Newton a viable option for Denver. It’s also possible a team like the New Orleans Saints would be interested in bringing Newton there. The Saints decided on Jameis Winston as their starting quarterback while Taysom Hill will continue getting snaps here and there as well as other gadgets plays. If Winston and Hill are unable to fill the void at quarterback left by Drew Brees retiring you have to think it’s possible that the Saints might look to Newton as an option at quarterback.

So what do you think will happen with Newton? Does he play this season? If you think he’s going to play this season; what team do you see him ending up with? Then moving on to next season. What does Newton do? Do you have him retiring? Or do you have him playing and if so with which team?

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  1. I was quite surprised to find out about Newton and I’m wondering why this happened. He played decently during the exhibition season so is it something that happened internally that hasn’t been disclosed yet? I think another team will take a chance on him and he’ll play in all or most of 2021.


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