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Posted: August 4, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

With Jacob deGroom having a set back in his injury recovery and with Fernando Tatis Jr. on the IL again; who is the front runner for National League MVP?

Even with his injury Tatis is still seven home runs ahead of anybody else in the National League and depending on how long he’ll be out with this shoulder injury many people may still consider him the front runner for MVP, but there have to be other candidates.

Interestingly two of the players having quality seasons where Ronald Acuna Jr. and Nick Castellanos. Well Acuna Jr. is out for the season due to a knee Injury and Castellanos hasn’t played since July 19th due to injury. So it’s difficult to consider them as MVP candidates.

Now there are some other players that are having good seasons, but you haven’t heard the names mentioned in the MVP race, but maybe they’ll come up now.

Bryce Harper is actually putting together a very good season for the Philadelphia Phillies, but he has just 17 home runs at this point and you have to wonder if the voters will hold that against him. Harper is the only Nationals league player that is hitting over .300; he’s at .301, has an On Base Percentage over .400; he’s at .414 and is Slugging over .500; he’s at .553. Will that be enough to get Harper some MVP votes?

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves is putting together another good season. Freeman is tied for 3rd in home runs with 24, but will soon move into 2nd since that spot is currently held by Kyle Schwarber and he now plays in the American League. Freeman is hitting .294 and is Slugging .511. I think that should make him an MVP candidate.

You have to wonder if being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers will put a brighter spotlight on Trea Turner and he might jump into the MVP race. Turner is 2nd in the N.L. in hitting with a .322 batting average and is currently 3rd in the N.L. in stolen bases with 21 just two behind the leader Tatis. Turner does have 18 home runs; so he has power, but he’ll probably need a big stretch run to get some consideration.

There is one more guy out there who you’d think could get some MVP consideration is Juan Soto, but since he’s playing for the Washington nationals I doubt he’ll appear on too many ballots when votes are casted. Soto is almost in the same brackets as Harper as he’s hitting .299 with a On Base Percentage of .426 and he’s Slugging .501. Soto has 18 home runs, but since he’s the only real threat left in the Nationals line up will he find himself being pitched around. If h is that would limit him from putting up enough numbers for MVP consideration.

Well there are four names that may start to pop up in the N.L. MVP race, but I’m sure you have some names. Let me know who you think will get consideration for N.L. MVP that no one might be talking about right now.

It was quite clear that deGroom was on his way to easily win the N.L. Cy Young award and possibly the MVP as well, but with his injury setback and no real timetable for a return it would be tough to give him either award now. So if deGroom can’t win the Cy Young award who can?

You’d think Walker Buehler who is 11-2 with an ERA of 2.16 in his 22 starts is the front runner right now. Buehler is 2nd in innings pitcher with 141 2/3rds he’s also just inside the Top 10 in strikeouts with 144 he also 4th in WHIP at 0.92. So it’s clear Buehler has the numbers to be considered.

When you think of the Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation Freddy Peralta might not be the first name that comes to mind, but he’s 8-3 with an ERA of 2.17 in 19 starts and has a complete game. Peralta is also the N.L. leader in WHIP at 0.87 and batting average against at .128. Of course Peralta might be hurt because he’s looked at the #3 starter on his team.

Now Brandon Woodruff is looked at as the ace of that Brewers staff and he has the numbers to be in this Cy Young award race as well. Woodruff is 7-6 in 21 starts with an ERA of 2.26. Woodruff has 152 strikeouts and is right behind Peralta in WHIP at 0.88. Since Woodruff is looked at as the Brewers #1 starter he’ll probably finish ahead of Peralta in the Cy Young voting, but will the fact that two pitchers form the same team may hurt eithers candidacy for the Cy Young.

There where some questions when the San Francisco Giants made Kevin Gausman a qualifying offer this past off season, but it’s clear the Giants knew what they had. In 21 starts for the Giants Gausman is 9-5 with an ERA of 2.35. Gausman has racked up 149 strikeouts and a WHIP of 0.95. Gausman and the Giants may be the biggest surprise of this season as they’ve found a way to stay on top of the N.L. West and they wouldn’t be their if it wasn’t for Gausman.

One final pitcher who should manage to get quite a few votes for the Cy Young award is Zach Wheeler of the Philadelphia Phillies. Wheeler is 9-6 with a 2.57 ERA in 22 starts and has a complete game. Wheeler is also the N.L. leader in strikeouts with 170 and also is the leader in innings pitched with 147. Now his WHIP and batting average against may be slightly higher than the other pitchers I’ve mentioned, but Wheeler makes up for that with his strikeouts and the innings he’s covered.

So just like with MVP. I’m sure you have a name or two that should be on the Cy Young list; so let me know who you’ve got. I’ll be interested to hear who you think should or could win it.

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  1. If I had a pick, I would opt for Freddie Freeman who is having a terrific season. Some of the front runners will probably fall off the radar because of their injuries.


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