Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: December 9, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Coming into the 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears held the #3 overall pick and it was pretty clear what they where going to do with it. The Bears where looking for their future quarterback, but their where only three quarterbacks with 1st round grades coming into this draft and it was unclear if any of them would be a good pick at #3, but the Bears had a target in mid even if they had to draft him higher than he deserved to go.

As the draft approached John Lynch the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers and the holder of the #2 pick in the draft some how sold Bears general manager Ryan Pace on the fact that multiple teams had contacted him wanting his pick to take a quarterback. Meaning the Bears would lose the player they want to build their franchise around. Now Lynch must be a great salesman because Pace bought his schtick hook line and sinker and gave away multiple draft picks so the Bears could move up from the 3rd pick to the 2nd pick and get their guy.

After the Cleveland Browns took Myles Garrett with the #1 pick the bears where up and could safely take the player that was going to lead their team for year to come; Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky played his college football at North Carolina; so he wasn’t coming out of a football factory college, but he had all of the tools to be an quality NFL quarterback even though he had only played in 33 games in his three season at North Carolina.

Trubisky wasn’t going to be the Bears starter to open the season, but it didn’t take long before he was the starting quarterback. Trubisky started 12 games his rookie season ad the team went 4-8 with him as the starter. While the record wasn’t good Trubisky gained some experience for the next season when he knew coming into camo that the job was his.

Trubisky missed a couple of starts during the 2018 season do to injury, but in the 14 starts that he made the Bears went 11-3 and made won the NFC North. This was the first time the Bears had been to the playoffs in seven seasons. Unfortunately the Bears weren’t in the playoffs long as they lost their first playoff game 16-15 to the Philadelphia Eagles. However it did look like the had found their quarterback.

Trubisky played in 15 of the Bears 16 games in 2019 and the team went 8-7 with him as the starting quarterback, but things didn’t seem the same as the last season and the talked started about him possibly not being the Bears long term answer at quarterback.

The Bears themselves made that perfectly clear when they declined the 5th year option on Trubisky’s contact and traded for veteran quarterback Nick Foles to compete with Trubisky for the starting job.

In what I think was a surprise to everybody Bears head coach Matt Nagy choose Trubisky to be the Bears starting quarterback to open and season. With Trubisky as the starter the Bears went 3-0 to start the season, but that didn’t stop Nagy from removing Trubisky as the starter and going with Foles.

Foles has made seven starts for the Bears this season and the team is 2-5 in those games. Injures have taken him out of the last two games; so Trubisky has ben back in as the starter, but that hasn’t changed to outcomes as the Bears have lost both of those games as well.

So we’ve seen Trubisky go from the Bears future quarterback to draft bust and of course people start to talk. In that 2017 draft there where two other quarterbacks taken in the 1st round. Patrick Mahomes went 10th to the Kansas City Chiefs and Deshaun Watson was taken 12th by the Houston Texans.

If you listen to Bears fans they seemed convinced if the Bears had drafted Mahomes they would’ve won the Super Bowl last season. Well I think the majority of people know that’s not true. While the quarterback does a lot of his team it takes more than just a good quarterback to win a Super Bowl. If you think the Bears would be a better team with Mahomes or Watson at quarterback then you’re right, but not a Super Bowl winner.

Right off the bat Mahomes is coached by Andy Reid. The Bears are coached by Matt Nagy. In Kansas City Mahomes has weapons around him on offense. In Chicago they have Allen Robinson. Remember Nagy is the guy who got rid of his 1000 yard running back because he didn’t like the way he fit into his system. The Chiefs general manager is Brett Veach while the Bears have Ryan Pace. The Chiefs have given Mahomes pieces to work with on offense even though they’ve been selecting lower in the draft due to winning games while Pace has had more busts in the 1st round than any other general manager in football. You can’t just say the Bears would be a Super Bowl winner had thy drafted Mahomes; there’s a lot more that goes into it than that and the Bears don’t have it.

As the end of the regular season approaches Andy Reid and the Chiefs will get ready to defend their Super Bowl title while his former assistant Matt Nagy and the Bears will be done. That of course raises the question will Nagy be back for the 2021 season. If I had to guess I’d say yes. Nagy has one more year on his contract and the Bears don’t like to fire people with time on their contracts; so I have a feeling this brigs Nagy back for one more year. General manager Ryan Pace is also in the same position; just one year left on his contract; so I’d expect him back as well. That’s too bad for the Bears.

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  1. Even though they shouldn’t the always frugal Bears will bite the bullet and allow Nagy to finish his contract. Their poor choice in drafting an unproven QB will haunt them for the next decade and beyond.


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