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Posted: October 24, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand the Los Angeles Dodgers pitching strategy going into Game 2 of the World Series. I didn’t like the idea of having what their manager Dave Roberts called “a Bullpen game” and in the end I was right. The Dodgers used seven pitchers and even though their offense tried to keep them in the game they got down early and ended up losing Game 2 by a 6-4 score.

Fortunately it doesn’t seem as any of the other things I was concerned about are going to happen. By pretty much giving Game 2 away I was afraid that the Dodgers would allow the Tampa Bay Rays a chance to build some momentum heading into Game 3, but any advantage the Rays had was quickly taken away from them by the pitching of Walker Buehler.

Buehler gave the Dodgers 6 dominant innings in Game 6. He set a record by striking out 10 batters over those six innings. He did give up 1 run which was meaningless as was the 1 walk he had while giving up 3 hits and throwing 93 pitches. If the series goes that long it would be difficult to bet against Buehler in a Game 7.

On the other side of the pitching line Charlie Morton had his worst 2020 post season start in Game 3. Morton gave up 5 runs on 7 hits while lasting just 4 1/3rd innings against a tough Dodgers offense. Morton did pick up 6 strikeouts while walking 1 and allowing 1 home runs and throwing 91 pitches.

The Dodgers got on the scoreboard early with a Justin Turner solo home run in the 1st. They then proceeded to add two runs in the 3rd and 4th innings to take a 5-0 lead and basically put the game away. The Dodgers added a run in the 6th innings while the Rays scored in the 5th and the 9th, but they never got close to a comeback as the Dodgers took Game 3 by a 6-2 final.

Last nights win gives the Dodgers a two games to one lead in the series heading into tonight’s Game 4. The Dodgers are going to start Julio Urias; who I thought should’ve started Game 2 while the Rays are going with Ryan Yarbrough.

Neither one of these young starting pitchers have been allowed to throw very many innings this post season; so it will be interesting how long they last in tonight’s start.

Urias has pitched in four post season games and has managed to get the win in all four of those games, but he’s only thrown 16 innings. His last appearance was against the Atlanta Braves on October 18th when he worked 3 innings throwing 39 pitches. As for Yarbrough he last pitched on October 20th against the Dodgers, but he only pitched 2/3rds of an inning and threw just 19 pitches. Yarbrough has made three post season appearance for Tampa Bay. He’s pitched 10 2/3rd post season innings giving up 11 hits 3 of which have been home runs. He’s allowed 4 runs to score while striking out 6 and walking 3.

How do you see Game 4 going tonight? Do you see the Dodgers taking a big three games to one advantage? Or can Tampa Bay even things up? I’d also like to know which starting pitcher you think will have the better outing tonight?

Now as someone who roots for the Seattle Seahawks I couldn’t of been happier when I heard that Antonio Brown had signed for the remainder of the season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I understand that may sound weird to some people, but if you think about it while Brown was at one time in his career a top wide receiver in the NFL he has proven that he is a cancer to any team he’s on. Somehow Brown has seemed to have issues on three different teams that are coached by Super Bowl winners. Brown’s issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers led him to be traded to the Oakland Raiders who he never played a regular season game for. From Oakland he went to New England where he played one game before his off field problems led to him being released after playing just one game for the Patriots. That means Brown has had some type of issues with teams run by Mike Tomlin, Jon Gruden and Bill Belichick. That’s a pretty impressive list of coach’s to have problems with.

Now Brown reunites with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay and I’m sure they’re hoping that Brady will be the one who’s able to keep Brown under control. The Buccaneers are coached by Bruce Arians who is in his second year with Tampa Bay. Arians doesn’t have a Super Bowl win on his resume like the other coaches Brown has played for; so right away you have to wonder if Brown couldn’t respect a coach that’s won a Super Bowl do a coach like Arians stand a chance?

You have to think this is a disaster in the making and like I mentioned earlier; I’m glad he didn’t sign with the Seahawks.

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  1. I was surprised to see how quickly Morton lost it during last night’s game.. I thought he looked very good early on. His velocity was there and his pitches looked nice and crisp. But it obviously didn’t last very long. Maybe his age is catching up to him. Sure, he’s only 36, but some pitchers hit the wall at that age.


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