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Posted: October 17, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The Houston Astros are trying to do something in the playoffs that has only been done one time. That’s comeback from being down 0-3 in a playoff series. The only other team to ever accomplish this feat was the 2004 Boston Red Sox who did it to the New York Yankees.

The Tampa Bay Rays won the first three games games of this series and looked like they’d cruise into their first World Series appearance since 2008, but the Astros apparently decided they weren’t going to make it easy on the Rays.

It’s not going to be easy for the Astros to win four straight games, but they’ll try tonight in a do or die Game 7. Houston is going with Lance McCullers Jr. as their starting pitcher while Tampa Bay turns to Charlie Morton to make the start for them.

These two pitchers faced off in Game 2 of this series. McCullers Jr. gave the Astros 7 solid innings, but ended up being the losing pitcher as he gave up 4 runs on 4 hits, but only 1 of those runs was earned as the Astros defense let him down. McCullers struck out 11 and walked 2 in that start. Morton pitched 5 innings in Game 2 and didn’t give up any runs. Morton struck out 5 and walked 1 while allowing 5 hits in his Game 2 start.

McCullers Jr. has had his share of injuries in his career and missed all of last season as he recovered from Tommy John surgery. McCullers Jr. made 11 starts in the shortened 2020 season, but he logged just 55 innings; so it will be interesting how many quality innings McCullers Jr. can give the Astros tonight.

Morton turns 37 years old next month and just completed his 13 season. There was some talk that 2020 would be his last season, but since it was a season unlike no other maybe Morton will return for what would hopefully be one more full season of baseball. Now Morton did miss some starts this season with shoulder inflammation. He made 9 starts for the Rays and logged just 38 regular season innings and in his last start he just pitched 5 innings.

Will Game 7 turn into a battle of the bullpens? Or will one of the starters be able to pitch deep into the game?

Over in the National League the Los Angeles Dodgers found a way to fight off elimination by winning Game 5 by a 7-3 score. The Atlanta Braves still need just one more win to advance to the World Series as they lead the series 3-2.

Walker Buehler returns to the mound for the Dodgers in Game 6 while the Braves will go back to Max Fried as their Game 6 starter. These two pitchers where the starters for the opening game of this series which the Braves won 5-1.

Buehler went 5 innings in that game giving up 1 run on 3 hits while striking out 7 and walking 5. The strikeouts and the walks pushed Buehler’s pitched total up to 100 pitches over his 5 innings. If Buehler has better control in Game 6 can he give the Dodgers some more innings? and get them into a Game 7.

Fried gave the Braves a quality start as he went 6 innings giving up 4 hits and 1 run while striking out 9 and walking 2. The only run Fried gave up was a solo home run to Kiki Hernandez. Can Fried match his Game 1 start and move the Braves along into the World Series for the first time since 1999.

Now earlier this week the New York Jets released running back Le’Von Bell and no one thought that Bell would be out of work long and he wasn’t. On Thursday Bell signed for the remainder of the season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Bell will receive $679.412 for the rest of this season.

It was a very interesting signing as the Chiefs drafted running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the 32nd pick in this past draft. Edwards-Helaire is the Chiefs leading rusher with 344 yards through 5 games and he’s also caught 17 passes for 169 yards.

Is it possible that the Chiefs are disappointed in Edwards-Helaire’s performance? Or was Bell just too good of a deal to pass up on.

I guess will have to wait and see how things play out in the Chiefs offense as Bell learns it and gets used to it.

Now the one group of people this moved bothered was fantasy football owners especially if they spent a high draft pick on Edwards-Helaire thinking he’d be the #1 running back in the high powered Kansas City offense. If Edwards-Helaire and Bell split time in the Chiefs backfield neither player will end up being worth the investment any fantasy owner out into them.

Did you end up with Bell or Edwards-Helaire in your fantasy league? If you did end up with one or maybe bother; how are you going to handle the situation? Do you think you could be successful playing both player at the same time?

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  1. I hope the signing of Bell doesn’t disrupt the chemistry of the team. It’s happened before. But I think the Chiefs are good enough to prevent any kind of a distraction.
    I’m still picking Tampa to win tonight because it’s extremely difficult to win 4 in a row after being down 3-zip.


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