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Well there are a couple things in baseball that really seem to be bothering me lately; so I want to see if writing about them will help me.

Let’s start off with the problem I have with just about every baseball writer out their. How come every time there’s a player possibly being traded they all have him going to the New York Yankees? Is it the east coast bias of these wroters? Or are they really just that ignorant to think that every single player dealt is headed to New York?

The latest example of this started when Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said some thing the affect of the Yankees would do anything they had to do to acquire Max Scherzer. Of course to contradict this the Nationals have said that they’re not trading Scherzer. If you remember just back to last season Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo had a deal in place that would’ve sent Bryce Harper to the Houston Astros. This deal was vetoed by Nationals owner Ted Lerner and it’s been reported that Lerner would do the same thing in any deal regarding Scherzer. It was said that Lerner would like to see Scgerzer be the first Nationals player inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Now even with these reports it’s not going to stop these writers to write over and over that Scherzer will be joining the Yankees. Interestingly the Yankees farm system was ranked just outside of the Top 10 to start the season; so why wouldn’t the Nationals deal Scherzer to a team like the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Astros who’s farm systems where ranked inside the Top 10 at the start of the season. Evem though they’re in the same division as the Atlanta Braves maybe Washington would consider sending Scherzer there since the Braves have one of the best farm systems in baseball.

Let’s face it if the Nationals do decide to trade Scherzer it’s going to be for a big return of prospects and there are quite a few other teams that can offer more than the Yankees could. Maybe these writers think that Washington would be willing to take some of the Yankees glut of outfielders that they currently have n their major league roster. Couldn’t you just see a trade for Scherzer headlined by Brett Gardner or Aaron Hicks while throwing Cameron Maybin into the deal.

Now I’m sure these writers will defend themsleves and say that Cashman was the only Genral Manager who came out and said they’d deal for Scherzer. To that I’d say; how many other General Managers did you ask? I’m sure the answer to that would be a big fat zero.

Now I’m not saying that the Yankees can’t and won’t acquire Scherzer it’s just the way they go about reporting it that drives me up the wall. See now that it’s been written one time it will be written over and over again and then it will make it’s way onto the MLB Network and it will get to the point that this will be all we hear about while teams are out there making actual moves not deals that the writers want to see happen.

One down; one to go.

Now I’m sure that I’ve mentioned here before that I live in the Chicago suburbs. It also comes up from time to time on the Sports Time Radio podcast.

My father was born and raised in the town of Macomb Illinois. In Macomb you are either a St. Louis Cardinals fan or a Chicago Cubs fan. My mother was born and raised in Chicago and while she wasn’t a huge baseball fan her family where White Sox fans. This led to a bit of a split in my fandom growing up even though I’d say that I rooted for the Cubs a little more than I did the White Sox even though I did want to see both teams win. Even when we went to games to was split right down the middle. We’d go to two games a year one at Wrigley Field to see the Cubs and one at Comiskey Park to see the White Sox. This always put me in an interesting position and lately what I’ve seen out of Cubs fans has left me feeling disgusted.

Now when I started watching the Cubs they where rarely in contention for a playoff spot and in most cases the team finished under .500. I’m sure you remember the Cubs being call “Loveable Losers”. Then finally in 2016 the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years. In the two years following that World Series win the team has made the playoffs in 2017 and just missed out last season losing a game 163; so they’re a good team.

Since the team has been winning and they’re competitive again this season as they are currently in 1st place in the NL Central. The Cubs have a 1 1/2 game lead over the 2nd place Milwaukee Brewers. This seems to have brought out a very unlikeable side to their fan base.

I’m sure that not all Cubs fans are like this, but it seems as though the ones that are active on social media are whiny entitled crybabies and it’s too the point where I don’t even want to watch Cubs games because if they lose I don’t want to deal with these people.

Now as an 8 or 9 year old kid my life hinged on every game and if the Cubs lost it would crush me and then my father would remind me that they’ll be playing again tomorrow. Now if the Cubs lose a game I see on social media that the team they lost to was lucky or whatever other excuse that comes to their mind and it’s sad to see an adult act like they even if they are a big fan of the team.

Baseball is an odd sport and no matter who your favorite team is they’re going to lose quite a few games in a season. If you’re hanging by a thread for every single game it’s going to make for a long, long season. as fa and out of shape as I am if I watched baseball like this I’d be dead of a heart attack by the All-Star break.

Now I’m also sure that from time to time your favorite team loses a game because the team they where playing caught a break or got a good bounce, but crying about it on social media doesn’t make you look very good. I actually saw Cubs fans crying that Eloy Jimenez was just lucky to hit what turned out to be the game winning home run in the first game of the series between the Cubs and the White Sox. Was it really luck?

No this has in no way changed my feelings towards the Cubs. I’d like to see them and the White Sox continue to win as many games as they can get into the playoffs and win the World Series. It’s just the terrible way that Cubs fans act that has turned me off from the games this season. Maybe they’ll grow up at some point and time and start acting like an adult would ask even of the team s going to lose and my prediction is that the Cubs are going to lose some more games this season.

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