The Big Jack’s 2019 MLB Predictions

Posted: March 28, 2019 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Here’s how The Big Jack see’s the divisions playing out.

AL East

1st Red Sox 2nd Yankees 3rd Rays 4th Blue Jays 5th Orioles

AL Central

1st Indians 2nd Twins 3rd White Sox 4th Tigers 5th Royals

AL West

1st Astros 2nd A’s 3rd Angels 4th Rangers 5th Mariners

AL Wild Cards

Yankees & Rays

NL East

1st Mets 2nd Nationals 3rd Phillies 4th Braves 5th Marlins

NL Central

1st Cubs 2nd Cardinals 3rd Brewers 4th Reds 5th Pirates

NL West 1st Dodgers 2nd Rockies 3rd Padres 4th Diamondbacks 5th Giants

NL Wild Cards

Nationals & Phillies

World Series

Astros over Cubs

Individual awards:


AL Xander Bogaerts NL Joey Votto

Cy Young

Al Trevor Bauer NL Jon Lester

Rookie of the Year

AL Eloy Jimenez NL Fernando Tatis Jr.

Manager of the Year

AL Terry Francona NL David Bell

Comeback Player of the Year

AL Troy Tulowitzki NL Adam Wainwright


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