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Pitchers and catcher are reporting, so the baseball season is right around the corner and yet we still have some top name free agents that are still unsigned. I guess the teams and the agents didn’t learn anything from last off season.

Now I don’t think a late signing affects a hitters as much as it affects a pitcher. J.D. Martinez signed later than most free agents last season and he still had an MVP caliber season. Now as for the pitchers, it took Jake Arrieta a little while to get into a groove and Alex Cobb never found a groove last season. Of course both of these pitchers where two of the later free agents signed. Arrieta and Cobb are just two examples, but I’m sure I could dig up a few more if I needed to.

While we wait for the Manny Machado and Bryce Harper free agent derby to come to an end. You have to start to wonder how long it will be before Dallas Keuchel or Craig Kimbrell sign contracts. I believe they’re the two biggest name left on the free agent market for pitchers. Both have been rumored as possibilities for the Atlanta Braves, but it doesn’t seem like the Braves have shown any interest in either pitcher.

We’ve never had a top reliever like Kimbrell sign this late; so I’m not sure what kind of affect signing late will have on him. You have to figure that Kimbrell’s demand for a five year contract has scared a lot of teams off. Kimbrell turns 31 years old in May and I can understand a team not wanting to be tied to a big contract for an aging closer. You have to wonder if Kimbrell and his representation are to the point where they’re willing to take a shorter deal or even a one year kind of prove it deal, so he can go back out on the free agent market again next season.

Now Kimbrell does have the numbers to ask for big years and money as he’s never had a long stint on the disabled list and has appeared in at least 57 games since becoming a full time closer in 2011. It does appear as though most of the top contenders are set at closer except for possible the Boston Red Sox. Could it be possible for Kimbrell to end up back in a Red Sox uniform this season?

Now I’m not sure why Keuchel is still unsigned. I’m not sure what kind of money or years he’s looking for. Maybe that’s the problem but there are still a lot of teams who could use a top left handed starting pitcher.

I have heard some people say that Keuchel is coming off a down year. Now he was just 12-11 with 34 starts and an ERA of 3.74 while pitching 204 2/3rd innings which was tied for 7th most last season. It’s difficult to not only find a pitcher to make 30 plus starts but to also pitch 200 plus innings and Keuchel has done both. Not to mention that he’s a former Cy Young Award winner.

There are a lot of teams where Keuchel would fill a big need but now you have to start to ask yourself if getting into camp late is going to affect him like it did the late signing starters last season.

How many of you remember Daisuke Matsuzaka? Maybe the name would’ve rung a bell had I called him “Dice-K”. Now does it sound familiar?

The Boston Red Sox won the bidding for Matsuzaka services back in 2007. He had two good years for them winning 15 games in 2007 and 18 games in 2008 before injuries caught up to him.

After going 1-7 in 11 starts with an ERA of 8.28 Matsuzaka was released by the Red Sox after the 2012 season. The Cleveland Indians signed him but he never pitched for them at the major league level. Matsuzaka ended up finding his way to the New York Mets where he spent the 2013 and 2014 seasons. In two seasons he pitched in 41 games for the Mets, 16 of which were starts. He went 6-6 with a 4.06 ERA and 1 save in his two seasons with the Mets.

After not pitching in 2015 Matsuzaka returned to Japan. He’s made 21 starts over the last three seasons; 11 of which came last season. He has a 6-10 record with an ERA of 6.37.

Matsuzaka is currently with the Chunichi Dragons in the Japanese Central League and I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’m writing about him.

Well at a spring training event the team was holding Matsuzaka ended up getting injured but it’s how he got injury that’s a little odd. At this event an overzealous fan pulled on Matsuzaka’s throwing arm and injured him. Matsuzaka was diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder after the meet and greet with that fan. Luckily Matsuzaka’s injury doesn’t appear to be serious and the Dragons are hoping that some rest will clear up the inflammation.

Jorge Posada will be teaming up with Derek Jeter again but this time it will be in the front office of the Miami Marlins.

It’s being reported that Posada will become a special advisor to Jeter, the Marlins CEO.

Posada just like Jeter spent his entire 17 year playing career with the New York Yankees. Since retiring after the 2011 season Posada’s primary residence has been in South Florida; so it’s a natural fit for him to join the Marlins.

Posada will be the fifth former Yankee to join the Marlins organization. Posada joins manager Don Mattingly, Vice President of Player Development Gary Denbo, Director of Player Personnel Dan Greenlee and Director of Amateur Scouting DJ Svihlik.

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