NFL Pro Bowl

Posted: January 28, 2019 by Daniel Kupres in sports

I tried.  I really tried to watch the Pro Bowl yesterday but just could not sit through it.  First off, I really do not know the reason why they moved it from Hawaii to Orlando.  Nor do I understand why it is not held in a dome.  I know the panel that included one of my favorites, Randy Moss did a great job on trying to get you excited on why you should watch it.  The list of players that are there to play goes on.  We all know it is the best of the best with a different QB slotted for each quarter.  With all this, I barely made it through the 1st quarter and gave up.  I saw the great throws that Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes and then I saw the spectacular defense that went along with it.  That’s what made it even harder for me to watch.  But I get it, no one wants to get injured in the Pro Bowl.  But this game means more and more less each year which is really no different than the other leagues especially the NBA.

Maybe I am just not that into because I am not a huge NFL person.  I am sure there are people who are all about it and I am not going to knock them one bit.  I do have some alternative options that maybe in a fantasy world could happen.  First, just put it in a dome.  There is nothing more depressing than watching that game yesterday in a drury rainy day.  The Super Bowl is basically only played in a dome each year so why not the Pro Bowl.

Saturday morning I was at my daughter’s dance class and I was talking to one of the other dads, Alex, about it.  He threw out there, why not make it Flag Football.  He proposed that everyone would play just a little harder because they would be grabbing that flag instead of tackling each other.  I thought this was a great idea.  There are many flag football leagues around the country for kids and adults.  I agreed that maybe the competition level would increase but not only that, it would promote the game of Flag Football.

But then again what do I know.  Was I talking out of my ass?  Do you have any better ideas that could make the Pro Bowl  more exciting to watch?

Here’s a link to yesterday’s stats for the Pro Bowl 2019.

Dan the Man


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