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It seems a though the Manny Machado trade rumors have really heated up and if you live in the Chicagoland area like we do you would almost think that he’s already a member of the Chicago Cubs.

It was about a week ago when one of the local newspapers mentioned that the Cubs should go after Machado and from their the story really picked up legs. It’s gotten to the point that every baseball related show is reporting on this.

Machado just happens to be in tow with the Baltimore Orioles for a series with the Chicago White Sox. After the first game of that series reporters surrounded Machado and they didn’t want to ask him about the game. Machado answered all of their questions very professionally and even worked his cousin Cubs outfielder Alberto Almora Jr. into the conversation.

Now this past off season the Cubs inquired about Machado and there where reports that a deal would include current shortstop Addison Russell, pitcher Mike Montgomery and a minor league player. The Orioles had no interest in that deal then, but apparently the local media seems to think that they’ll take this deal now. I don’t know why the Orioles would take a deal involving two major league players. You have to think if the Orioles do decided to deal Machado they use him as a tool to rebuild.

I don’t understand why the Cubs would be a interested in a rent-a-player like Machado and maybe they’re not and it’s just the media pumping up he story. Machado is off to a get start offensively and he would be a upgrade with the bat, but defensively there’s not much different in the two players. The Cubs seem to have an overabundance of everyday players and they’re having a tough time finding at bats for them all. Adding Machado doesn’t solve this problem, he’d just be swapped into Russell’s spot. Of course Machado is an everyday player and it would be difficult for Joe Maddon to hold him out of the line up for players like Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist.

While I doubt that the Orioles would take Russell in a deal for Machado, but if the name Baez was in that dal they might be a little more interested. The Cubs haven’t shown at interest in dealing Baez and I don’t know if they’d do it for Machado. Humorously if Machado did come to the Cubs his cousin Almora could be one of the players headed to Baltimore for him.

Of course the Cubs aren’t the only team interested in acquiring Machado. A couple of other teams that have come up are the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m sure the Chicago media doesn’t want to hear this and won’t admit it because it would ruin their story, but either of these teams are better trade fits for the Orioles than the Cubs are. The Cubs really don’t have a top prospect to deal while the Phillies and the Dodgers both have quality farm systems they could deal from. The Cubs used all of their top prospects last season while the Phillies where still in their rebuilding phase. The Dodgers did deal a couple of their prospects, but they have a much better farm system than the Cubs and still have players they could trade.

There’s also one important thing that everyone who’s writing and report about this has forgotten. While Dan Duquette is Baltimore’s General Manager, Peter Angelos owns the team and he doesn’t like to trade his star players. This may be the biggest stumbling point with a Machado deal. Also it hasn’t been noted that the Orioles haven’t mentioned or shown any interest in moving Machado.

Now besides the Cubs, Phillies and Dodgers that are reported as the teams interested in Machado, but too be honest you could pick any team in baseball and they could be interested in him.

Seriously, think about that. If Machado was willing to sign a new contract before this season ends he would be the best building block for any team to start shaping their team around. Machado moved to shortstop this season, but if he was willing to move back to 3rd base he would fit with quite a few teams. Machado would be a fantastic bat for any contender to add to their line up or maybe even a team that thinks they’re just a contender. See that’s how easy this is to do with a player like Machado.

I’m guess since I live in a Chicago suburb I get the bulk of the talk of Machado coming to the Cubs, but I wonder if in other cities they’re getting the same thing.

Do you see the Orioles trading Machado? If you have him being traded, what team do you have him going to? and who do you think Baltimore gets in return for him?

If you’re a current baseball player or even a former player how do you think you’d do against 105 m.p.h. fastball from St. Louis Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks?

On Sunday against Philadelphia Hicks became the second pitcher to reach the 105 m.p.h. with a pitch since Aroldis Chapman. Hicks hit that mark twice in his appearance on Sunday.

Hicks is 21 years old and was the Cardinals 3rd round pick in the 2015 draft. This is his first season in the majors. He made 21 appearances covering 22 innings. His record is 2-1 with an ERA of 2.05. Hicks has shown some issues with control. He’s struck out 9 batters, but he’s walked 16. He’s also hit 3 batters and thrown 4 wild pitches.

While it’s clear that Hicks has a live arm he’ll have to work on his control, but you have to wonder if he’s on the same career path as Chapman. Hicks doesn’t have a save in his career, but I’m sure the Cardinals can envision him as a long term solution as their closer. It will be interesting to see if the Cardinals try and give Hicks some Closing opportunities just to see how he handles a late inning situation.

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