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Now we’ve mentioned it a few times here that teams can still make trades as long as their player clears waivers. Now there have been some bigger name players that have cleared waivers. Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers and Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays both made it through the waiver process, but neither player has been traded yet. Now a new name that I head for the first time yesterday that made it through waivers was Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins.

Stanton has a full no-trade clause on his contract; so he’d have to approve any deal that the Marlins tried to make. Of course Stanton would come along with a huge contract. He is signed through the year 2027 with an option for the 2028 season. Stanton still has $285 million left ion his contract and the option year is for $25 million or there’s a $10 million dollar buy out. Now Stanton does have an opt out clause after the year 2020, but I don’t know why he would take that. Stanton also has some incentives built into the contract. He’ll receive $50,000 for every Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and All-Star appearance he makes. He gets $100,000 for every M.V.P. award he wins. He gets a $250,000 bonus if he was to win a League Championship Series M.V.P. and then he’d get a $500,000 bonus if he was to be named M.V.P. of the World Series.

Now with the monetary value of Stanton’s contract you could eliminate any small market team from acquiring him, but there are some big time contenders that wouldn’t have an issue adding a player like Stanton and that salary to their roster. If a team was picking up all of the money left on Stanton’s contract you’d have to think they wouldn’t have to give up as much in trade for him. Just imagine how he’d look in the middle of a contenders line up. Let’s take a look at the teams that could be a landing spot for Stanton.

How about the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox home run numbers have been down this season, but Stanton would fix that in a hurry. Now the Red Sox would have to move one of their outfielders in this type of deal. So maybe they package a Jackie Bradley Jr. and maybe a top prospect in a Stanton deal. I’m not sure if the Red Sox would really be willing to move Mookie Betts or Andrew Benintendi, but for a player of Stanton’s caliber they might.

Then there’s the New York Yankees. For years the Yankees have signed player to large contracts; so adding this type of a contract would be no issue for them at all. The Yankees would also have to move a starting outfielder in a deal for Stanton, but I don’t think they’d be interested in giving up Aaron Judge and would the Marlins have any interest at all in Brett Gardner or Jacoby Ellsbury. Adding a prospect or two in two sweeten a deal wouldn’t be an issue for the Yankees as they’ve built up their farm system the last few seasons.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are another team who’d have no trouble carrying the salary that comes along with Stanton. The Dodgers also have one of the top farm systems in baseball; so they’d have the prospects to add into a deal. Now who could headline a deal for the Stanton for the Dodgers; how about Yasiel Puig. The Marlins play in a highly Cuban populated area of Miami and Puig is Cuban born. If Puig was sent to the Marlins in this type of deal he could be the new face of the franchise for the new Miami ownership group.

The Chicago Cubs also fit into this category. The Cubs would have no problems with Stanton’s salary, but what could they send the Marlins back in return. The Cubs had traded pretty much every prospect in their minor league system, but what about someone off the major league roster. Would the Marlins be interested in someone like Kyle Schwarber and whatever minor leaguers the Cubs could find to make this deal. Imagine a Cubs batting order featuring Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo hitting in front of Stanton with a healthy Willson Contreras behind Stanton in the order.

Oddly the first team I heard that had express interest at the trade deadline where the Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia is having a down year and are currently 31 games under .500 and 28 games out of 1st place in the N.L. East. Now the Phillies have a young team and Stanton would be a great add in the middle of that line up, but do they have the pieces to get a Stanton deal done and then would the Marlins be interested in trading him within the division.

Stanton would be a good fit for any team that would deal for him, but you have to wonder if this is a move the new ownership group would want to make. If you where to trade a player of Stanton status; would you alienate your fan base right as you’re taking over ownership of the team? Stanton is clearly the face of the Marlins franchise and could be on his way to winning his first M.V.P. award.

Stanton is a great player who has had some injury issues, but we’re seeing what he can do this season when he’s healthy. He’s owed a lot of money and there are a lot of years left in his contract, but just start to imagine what he’d look like in your favorite teams line up. Stanton has never been to the playoffs in his eight years with the Marlins, but how good would he look on a line up card hitting at the top of the order for a World Series contender.

I’m not sure if there’s another player who’s going to make it through waivers that could be the kind of difference maker that Stanton could be. Would you like to see your favorite team make a deal for Stanton with the money he’s owed and the years left in his contract? Please leave your comments.

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