Torture 201-State of the Art

Posted: September 11, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in sports

No one ever said the San Francisco Giants went about the business of baseball in the conventional manner. No, I think we are in agreement here. They rack up a whole passel of victories, and then set records for futility. Seriously? The worst record in MLB since the All-Star Game? Take the Chicago Cubs, for instance. They appear to be doing it right.
They stormed out the gate, sagged before the All-Star Game, and then came roaring back with a vengeance. They are currently 41 games above .500. The Cubs seem bent on a course which will net them their first world series title in forever. 

Only two days ago, the Giants were down to single digits, when it came to win/loss difference, 74-65.

No, if the Giants went about baseball in the conventional manner, there would be no need to attach the label “torture” to the team. I used to argue that Giants baseball was not torture-that it was simply National League baseball, at its finest.

Now I amend my sentiments and take a step back, and say that if the term “torture” were to apply, it would not be to the games themselves, but rather, the manner which the Giants go about the business of making the playoffs.
In both 2014 and in 2016, they managed to accrue the best record in baseball, at least halfway into the season, before falling heavily into disrepair, and staggering to the depths of their collective souls.
In 2014 the Giants sneaked in as the number ten seed and took it all. We have yet to see how things turn out in 2016, except to say that San Francisco is still ahead of both New York and St. Louis for the first wildcard slot.
At this time they are still in the driver’s seat. Bruce Bochy is the same master of his ship that he has always been, the same port in a storm that he has always provided for his team. He is the best manager in baseball-sorry Joe-as his record of success indicates, and nothing has happened to change that.
The Giants have what the Cubs do not have: They have the taste of success imbedded in every stitch of the fabric of the organization. The San Francisco Giants are success. Pure and simple. For a team to take it all is so challenging, it defies comprehension.
Therefore, for a team to do so three times in five years, is exponentially that much harder to accomplish. And yet, the Giants are this team, and still have numerous components of that 2014 team in the fold. You cannot convince me that none of this makes a difference.

I would never boldly predict a Giants victory this season-that is incredibly foolish, in light of how capricious the baseball gods can be. That is asking for disaster. No, all I will do is state that the Giants are right where they want to be: in contention, with only 21 games left to play.

Have you noticed that Hunter Pence has gotten hot? He tied a franchise record by scoring eight runs in the last two games. Do you know what an impact this individual has on the Giants? I do not have to say anything, because his actions speak quite eloquently for themselves.

How about Buster Posey and his three rings? What single player on any given team, plays as prominent of a role in the success of a team, than the catcher? None. He is involved in every play, in the thought process behind every play, and he is the one calling most of the shots.

Buster Posey is the best in the business, rated so by the powers that be, and you know something? It wasn’t even close. 
Specifically, what this poll said was, “Easy and obvious choice.” 

Does the name Madison Bumgarner “ring” a bell? It ought to, his performance in the 2014 World Series, being the stuff of legends. 

All the Giants need is a ticket into the show, which they currently possess, and anything can happen.

Because it has.  

Mark ONeill


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