It’s just one loss

Posted: May 15, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, fantasy, sports, Sports Time Radio
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The Cubs wrap up the weekend series against the Pirates with John Lester facing Garett Cole who’s seeking his 4th win of the season like Lester.  Today’s match up would be another pitchers duel.  I know that everyone loves high scoring, home run smashing games but my favorite to watch are these battles.  I usually keep my opinion out of this but win or lose I love these games.   

The first 6 innings would see Lester shutting down the third place Bucs aside from a walk to David Freese in the first and a walk in the second to Framcisco Cervelli. The Cubs would start off with a leadoff double by Dexter Fowler for his 14th of the year.  That would be all until Addison Reed singles in the second and again until Ben Zobrist’s double in the fourth.  The fifth and sixth innings would be 1-2-3 innings for Cole.  Just three hits through 6 with no runs is today, not at all common place for the Cubs.  

Lester would continue his battle in the 7th making it exciting with a one out single to Starling Marte but would strike out Cervelli.  With two outs Jung Ho Kang would send a fly ball to Heyward that would turn into an RBI double prompting Maddon to pull Lester after 109 pitches through 6 2/3.   Adam Warren would come into close the inning out but would start with a walk.  Maddon would decide to have Warren intentional walk Gregory Polanco to get to Gerrit Cole.  He would ground into a force out to end the inning but would come into the bottom half and shut the Cubs down once again.  

Pedro Strop would come into the 8th giving up a single to Jody Mercer but would get the next three batters out, no problem.   Cole would stay in for the bottom half and all attempts by the Cubs to come back would be shut down.  

Hector Rondon would come into the ninth and immediately strikes out Cervelli.  The only run of the game was driven in by Jung Ho Kang, with one out he would send a fly ball to left center for his 4th home run of the season.  Josh Harrison would single and Polanco would walk again. Travis Wood replaces Rondon as Matt Joyce pinch hits for Cole. Wood gets the out but Maddon pulls him for Justin Grimm who walks Mercer but strikes out McCutchen.  Cubs down 2-0.  

Pirates closer Mark Melancon comes in for the save opportunity but walks Fowler and gives up a single to Heyward.  Bryant would fly out for the first out.  Rizzo would send a fly ball to right that’s scored as a sac fly scoring Fowler.  Zobrist comes to the plate for an opportunity to tie the game or get a walk off homer.  Heyward would steal second to prevent a force.  Zobrist with two outs would hit a ground ball to second ending the game.  

Now I know it’s a loss in the books but I still think it was a great outing for Jon Lester and the versatility of the bullpen.  Joel Maddon has 162 games to figure out how the bullpen works for the playoffs.  With the way they are playing, I feel there is no doubt that they will be in the playoffs and he needs to figure out this bullpen.  Again, I know it’s a loss but Cubs fans, take it easy, #ItsJustMay

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