National Beat Down in Chi Town

Posted: May 7, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, fantasy, sports, Sports Time Radio
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The Nationals seek to redeem themselves with Max Sherzer taking on the third J in the rotation, John Lackey.  He would start the first inning off by striking out Mr Fantasy’s guy Ben Revere but would give up the first run of the game with a solo home run to left center field by Anthony Rendon.  Would this be that kind of day for Lackey?  He wouldn’t let the hype behind Harper scare him because he’d get him to ground out and then end the inning striking out Ryan Zimmerman.  Fowler would not lead off with a swinging strikeout.  Heyward would walk but Max would get through the inning no problem after that.  Nationals 1-0.

Daniel Murphy would start the second with his 11th double of the season.  Wilson Ramos would single to Javier Baez.  Scherzer would add to his lead with a ground ball single to right. Lackey would only give up that run.  Ben Zobrist would show his patience at the plate by leading off with a walk.  The hot hand, Tommy La Stella would send a fly ball to right center for his second home run of the season.  Max would see four more batters to end the inning.  

Lackey would see his first 1-2-3 inning of the day to start the third.  With two outs, Anthony Rizzo would step in the box a knock his 10th homer of the season to right field.  Zobrist couldn’t let Tommy and “Tony” be the only ones because he knocks his 4th dinger of the season to right also.   

Lackey would get into a little trouble in the fourth giving up a leadoff single to Daniel Murphy and then beaning Danny Espinosa who appears to have a target on him for whatever or no reason what so ever.  Sherzer would see his first 1-2-3 inning in the bottom half of the fourth.  Lackey would have a smooth 5th but not Max.  With one out, Heyward would double to right.  After Brysnt goes down swinging, Antony Rizzo would end up at first with a walk.   2 men on and 2 out, Ben Zobrist steps to the box, he must have been a big believer in #ItsJustApril, because he’s making up for it in May with his second of the day and fifth on the season with a home run to right, he puts the Cubs up by 5.  It would t stop there, Tommy would knock a triple to Harper, working backwards for the cycle.  Cubs 7-2

Besides the single to Murphy, Labkey would have another solid inning, if they keep the lead, he’s acquired himself a quality start.  David Ross would start the bottom half with a double to right. Lackey would get him over to third with a quality sacrifice bunt back to new pitcher Blake Treinen.  Fowler would finally join in the action with a single to center, scoring David Ross but Heyward would end the inning with a double play.  

Lackey would come out for the seventh and instead of hitting Edpinosa, he would go down swinging.  He would also get Stephen Drew to go down on strikes and Revere would end it with a grounder back to Lackey.  Oliver Perez would be the third pitcher of the day for the Nats and get Bryant to ground out.  He would walk Rizzo and before walking Zobrist would throw a wild pitch and a passed ball would get Rizzo to third.  He would get Tommy to ground into a double play to end the inning.  

After 7 solid innings, Clayton Richard would replace Lackey, would get the first out of the inning but walk Bryce Harper.  He’d strike out Zimmerman but give up a single to Murphy prompting a visit to the mound to bring in Justin Grimm.  Grimm would allow Richard’s runs to cross the plate with a Jayson Werth double.  He would acquire two runs himself with a line drive home run to left center.  Espinosa would not get hit, but would go down watching strike three cross the plate.  

New pitcher Shawn Kelly would replace Perez and have a quick inning with Baez, Ross and Soler. The Cubs bullpen would prove this season to be able to close games out.  Hector Rendon would start with pinch hitter for the pitcher, Chris Heisey, by striking him out.  Revere would ground out!  Big hitter, Anthony Rendon looking to keep the Nats in the game swings for the fences, striking out but the dropped ball recovered by Ross is thrown to Rizzo to end the game!  Cubs win! Cubs Win!   

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