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Posted: January 29, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports, Sports Time Radio

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It all started with a Facebook post and an airline deal of $49 to Denver. Late one night, last January, I was studying when my wife interrupts, she hadn’t seen a deal like that and thought we should go. I gave her the two weeks I’d be able to travel and she booked it. The sale was ending that night and we wouldn’t be able get that deal on the weekends. I should have researched it a little because the Blackhawks were in town the Saturday before we arrived and the Cubs helped the Rockies open Coors Field for the season but of course we arrived the day after. I did how ever schedule a tour of Coors Field which was hosted by a really nice old lady that took us on the mile and a half journey above sea level and back down below below home plate. The only other visitors, were two fireman from Atlanta up there to see the Firefighter Muesum they also saw, which of course I was jealous of, the previous day’s contest between the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs. Now some people may see this as bad indicate but it makes it a much more personal experience. What made things even better was the fact that the other two guys that were there, tuned into little kids for that time period also. I’m sure if she would have let us, the three of us would have been out there running the bases.

The tour begins at the gates on the southwest corner of the stadium…Forgive me I forget the gate, as we walk the tunnel to the field the starting line is presented above with banners of each player. This tunnel leads to the concourse and opens up to a beautiful view of the field. We were lucky to get a day with clear skies and a bright sun. After absorbing the view from behind home plate, the tour guide explains to us the recent upgrade to Coors Field. The top tier seats in right field were removed and leveled; creating the new Roofdeck. Now, I’ll be honest, when it comes to tour guides, I don’t have the longest attention span, so I’m not sure if she said it or not but I’m assuming this new rooftop setting was inspired by the rooftops of Wrigleyville. Which was our next stop on the tour, which also explains why she asked if we were ready for some exercise? As we begin to ascend towards the Roofdeck, we made a pit stop about half way there at the corner of the 22cd and Blake Street, the Blue Moon Brewing Co. She told us the story, just like you see on tv about the orange garnish. I’d love to tell you so much more but I’m not really into beer, so I didn’t really pay much attention but it opens to ticket holders 90 mins before the game but they do open it up to the public during the regular season and is open in the off season also. Being that it was before lunch, it wasn’t open, so my wife and the guys couldn’t have a taste test. We finally make it to the top and the view is just breath taking from the top. I’m sure come game time, the 400 plus feet distance from home plate, still doesn’t generate a bad seat in the house.

The rooftop has two full service bars, the Tavern Ballpark specializes in local craft beers and the Tuaca Terrace Bar features cocktails, spirits, wines and craft beers. But for me, I can’t wait to get back to is CHUBurger, a local “Craft Casual” dining experience which its ingredients that are farm fresh from Longmont, CO. But I’m not telling you anything, you can read it on their website. The view from below would lead you to believe that is all that’s going on, is up front, but it’s behind the bars are lounge areas to well relax. This is where I see the inspiration from the rooftops in Wrigleyville. Now for me, I don’t need all the extra amenities but to have seats up there would be great in case say my wife gets tired of the game or “annoyed” with the people, there is a place she can take off to get away. Now as you look out onto the field and up in the stands, there is a row of blue seats that signifies 1 mile above sea level. With my knees, I don’t think I’d leave my seat. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s The mile high city wasn’t the lack of oxygen killing you? For my wife and I, we didn’t notice it one bit. The only downside of the tour of course, is that nothing is open inside the park, I know it was an off day but still just four people on the tour and you couldn’t stage the tour a little. I’m being sarcastic of course but I still think they could add a stop at the gift shop despite it being an off day.

On with the tour, our next stop is the Wells Fargo club. Basically, the tour guide told us that since we are customers of Wells Fargo, to call to get the privilege of sitting in this gourmet luxury type bar sitting behind home plate. It had a great view and was full of memorabilia and on one of the tables were old programs and souvenirs for the taking. Out the door and around the corner, to the press box we head. It’s just as it appears when it’s captured on tv, countertops from wall to wall with assigned seats by media source. Nothing more than a workspace and outlets with I’m sure wifi.

The tour ends behind home plate but to get there, we go through the banquet area that can be rented out for corporate events or even weddings. The view is not of the field but of the street which amazingly is only a couple stories from street level (somethings you really have to see yourself to understand). Now we end up going down it seems forever and go through a couple tunnels and into the visiting players locker room. It’s just as seen in any post game interview but a lot nicer in person and larger. Sunflower seeds and Forbes magazines to go around. We spent sometime in the clubhouse going through every square inch, it was off to the dugout but before reaching that point we stopped to take a few swings in the batting cage, we wished, we were lucky she let us go down there. We head up the stairs to see the sunlight flooding the tunnel making it impossible to see until you reach the top of the stairs opening to a glimpse in the eyes of the visiting team. Just standing there in the dugout makes you relive that childhood dream of sitting on the bench spitting sunflower seeds shells everywhere, waiting to step in the batters box. As we ascend the steps to the field, we learn that we are not allowed to go behind the warning track. We’re given enough time to enjoy and capture the moment before its farewell from this short mile and half stroll through Coors Field exiting from behind home plate, climbing back to the concourse and farewell. It’s a great expierence to get to go behind the scenes but I would loved to have seen Coors Field alive.

At the end of the day, I cant wait to get back to Denver and back to Coors Field and see the Rockies in action but with so many seating options, I’m not sure where I’d sit!



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