Sports Time Radio’s 2015 NFL predictions.

Posted: September 11, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in football
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It’s that time again; Dan the Man Schaumburg Stu, Mr Fantasy and I have made our predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Here they are and let;s see how we do.

AFC East

Schaumburg Stu: 1-Patriots 2-Bills 3-Dolphins 4-Jets

Dan the Man 2-Patriots 2-Bills 4-Dolphins 4-Jets

Mr. Fantasy 1-Dolphins 2-Patriots 3-Bills 4-Jets

The Big Jack 1-Patriots 2-Dolphins 3-Bills 4-Jets

AFC North

Schaumburg Stu 1-Ravens 3-Steelers 3-Bengals 4-Beowns

Dan the Man 1-Bengals 2=Ravens 3-Steelers 4-Browns

Mr. Fantasy 1-Steelers 2-Bengals 3-Ravens 4-Browns

The Big Jack 1-Ravens 2-Steelers 3-Bengaks 4- Browns

AFC South

Schaumburg Stu1-Colt 2-Texans 3-Jaquars 4-Titans

Dan the Man 1-Colts 2=Texans 3-Jaquars 4-Titans

Mr. Fantasy 1-Colts 2- Texans 3-Titans 4-Jaquars

The Big Jack 1-Colts 2-Texans 3-Jaquars 4-Titans

AFC West

Schaumburg Stu 1-Denver 2-Chiefs 3-Chargers 4-Raiders

Dan the Man 1-Broncos 2-Chiefs 3-Chargers 4-Raiders

Mr. Fantasy 1-Chiefs 2-Broncos 3-Chargers 4-Raiders

The Big Jack 1-Broncos 2-Chargers 3-Chiefs 4-Raiders

AFC Championship

Schaumburg Stu Colts over Patriots

Dan the Man Patriots over Bengals

Mr. Fantasy Colts over Patriots

The Big Jack Colts over Patriots

NFC East

Schaumburg Stu 1-Cowboys 2-Eagles 3-Giants 4-Redskins

Dan the Man 1-Cowboys 2-Eagles 3-Giants 4-Redskins

Mr. Fantasy 1-Eagles 3-Cowboys 3-Giants 4-Redskins

The Big Jack 1-Giants 2-Cowboys 3-Eagles 4-Redskins

NFC North

Schaumburg Stu 1-Packers 2-Lions 4-Vikings 4-Bears

Dan the Man 1-Vikings 2-Packers 3-Lions 4-Bears

Mr. Fantasy 1-Packers 2-Vikings 3-Lions 4-Bears

The Big Jack 1-Packers 2=Vikings 3-Lions 4-Bears

NFC South

Schaumburg Stu 1-Saints 2-Falcons 3-Panthers 4-Buccaneers

Dan the Man 1-Saints 2-Panthers 3-Falcons 4-Buccaneers

Mr. Fantasy 1-Saints 2-Falcons 3-Panthers 4-Buccaneers

The Big Jack 1-Saints 2-Panthers 3-Falcons 4-Buccaneers

NFC West

Schuamburg Stu 1-Seahawks 2-Cardinals 3-49ers 4-Rams

Dan the Man 1-Seahawks 2-49ers 3-Cardinals 4-Rams

Mr. Fantasy 1-Seahawks 2-Cardinals 3-Rams 4-49ers

The Big Jack 1-Seahawks 2-Rams 3-Cardinals 4-49ers

NFC Championship

Schaumburg Stu Packers over Seahawks

Dan the Man Saints over Packers

Mr. Fantasy Packers over Seahawks

The Big Jack Cardinals over Seahawks

Super Bowl!

Schaumburg Stu Packers over Colts

Dan the Man Patriots over Saints

Mr. Fantasy Colts over Packers

The Big Jack Colts over Cardinals

Offensive M.V.P.

Schaumburg Stu Aaron Rodgers

Dan the Man Tom Brafy

Mr. Fantasy Andrew Luck

The Big Jack Drew Brees

Defensive M.V.P.

Schaumburg Stu J.J. Watt

Dan the Man J.J. Watt

Mr. Fantasy Justin Houston

The Big Jack Luke Kuechely

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Schaumburg Stu Nelson Agholor

Dan the Man Amari Cooper

Mr. Fantasy Amari Cooper

The Big Jack Marcus Mariotta

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Schaumburg Stu Vic Beasley

Dan the Man Vic Beasley

Mr. Fantasy Bud Dupree

The Big Jack Randy Gregory

Wish us luck; we always seem to need it.


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