Update: Hitting Pitchers

Posted: August 14, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I’m going to guess that Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy don’t even remember that I made them do this or even who they picked. To be fair I haven’t updated this as much as I had hoped to, but here’s were we are right now.

Dan the Man’s team is Madison Bumgarner. Travis Wood, Tim Linecum, Cole Hamels and Jorge De La Rosa.

They are 26 for 174 a .149 batting average. His team has scored 8 runs, hit 3 home runs have 10 RBI’s with 9 sacrifices and have struck out 75 times.

Mr. Fantasy’s team is Jason Hammel, Josh Collmenter, Andrew Cashner, Shelby Miller and Johnny Cueto/

They are 28 for 192 a ,146 batting average. His team has scored 9 runs, but has hit 0 home runs they have 4 RBI’s with 17 sacrifices and just 70 strikeouts.

My team is Mike Leake, Kyle Kendrick, Zack Greinke, Jordan Zimmerman and Matt Harvey.

My team is 35 for 233 a ,150 batting average. My team has scored 14 runs with 3 home runs they have 18 RBI’s to go with 17 sacrifices and they’ve struck out 83 times.

So my team is leading in batting average, runs scored, RBI’s and sacrifices.  I’m also tied for the lead in home runs with Dan the Man’s team. While Mr. Fantasy’s team has the least number of strike outs.

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