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Posted: April 4, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in sports

So are you willing to pay $99.95 for the biggest fight boxing has had in I can’t remember how long. That’s what it’s going to cost you on pay per view to see the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight on May 2nd. It’s looking like this will be the highest grossing event in pay per view history; at least that’s what’s being predicted. If this fight would’ve happened 5 year ago I’d be a lot more excited about it. The two camps could never agree to terms and boxing fans where left wondering what if and now 5 year down the road I’m not sure any of those questions will be answered. Mayweather comes into the fight undefeated at 47-0 with 26 wins by knockout. He’s the pound for pound the #1 ranked fighter in the world along with being the WBC and WBA welterweight champion. Pacquiao comes into the fight with a record of 57-5-2 with 38 wins by knockout. Pacquiao is ranked as the #6 pound for pound fighter in the world and is the WBO #1 welterweight contender. Mayweather has won his last 5 fights by unanimous decision while Pacquiao is 3-2 in his last 5 fights, but has also won his last 3 fights by unanimous decision. It’s been interesting listening to people pick a winner in this fight. Every expert I’ve heard has said Mayweather will win this fight by no surprise here unanimous decision. Oddly though a lot of them have said they’re opening rooting for Pacquiap to win this fight. What are the chances this fight ends in a draw and we don’t find out who the better fighter is. Would there be a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao #2? Estimates have said this fight will make over $400 million dollars. I can tell you that they won’t be getting my $99.95 to watch the pay per view. I forgot to mention it’s $99.95 for the HD pay per view; you can save $10 dollars if you order the non HD pay per view.

If you’ve listened to the Sports Time Radio podcast you know that I’m a fan of Johnny Manziel. This week there was an article that came out by one of the experts at the Mickey Mouse network saying the Cleveland Browns where 90% done with Manziel. Manziel was the 22nd pick in the 1st round of last years draft. He played in 2 games last season and he wasn’t good. 18 for 35 for 175 yards with 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Manziel also ran the football 9 times for 29 yards and scored 1 touchdown. This is a pretty small sample size for a team to give up on a 1st round draft pick. Manziel has an interesting skill set at quarterback that can be difficult to coach at the NFL level. If you’re old enough he should remind you a little of Fran Tarkenton. Now I’m not saying that he’ll ever be as good as Tarkenton was, but he has a similar skill set. The Browns gave up the 26th overall pick last years draft along with a 3rd round pick; the 83 overall pick in last years draft to move up and draft Manziel. While Cleveland didn’t pay a huge price to move up in the draft and get Manziel, but I’m not sure Cleveland knows what they have in Manziel. Now I’m not saying that this is the case here, but the Mickey Mouse network has speculated on stories before then one of their other shows have then picked up and reported as actual news and you’ve got yourself a story. I haven’t heard anything from the Browns organization on this; so we’ll have to wait and see what they actually do, but if you’re a fan of the Browns wouldn’t you have to question the draft process for wasting a 1st round pick on a guy who you didn’t get anything out of.

It’s being reported that ESPN or as we call it on the podcast “The Mickey Mouse Network” has agreed to buy a stake in the daily fantasy site DraftKings. ESPN has agreed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars for up to a 20 percent stake in DraftKings. The major investment will be part of the daily fantasy sports operator’s next round of venture capital financing in May. In return for their investment DraftKings will sign a three-year advertising commitment that will, in turn, pay hundreds of millions back to ESPN. It appears that ESPN chose to work with DraftKings after executives for both DraftKings and FanDuel pitched their companies and their business prospects to senior ESPN executives, including President John Skipper.It looks like ESPN went with DraftKings over FanDuel is a less cluttered and conflicting ownership structure. DraftKings’ last round of financing, a $41 million Series C last summer, was led by venture capital groups such as The Raine Group and prior investors such as Atlas Venture and Redpoint Ventures. FanDuel, by comparison, already has media partners among its investor group as Comcast Ventures and NBC Sports Ventures participated in its $70 million Series D that closed in September, and Rick Cordella, NBC Sports Group senior vice president of digital media, is a board observer for the company. Daily fantasy sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are trying to find a way to distance themselves from being considered online gambling. Both companies have worked with the major sports themselves and now DraftKings is working with one of the top if not the top sports network in the world. Can or will an agreement like this separate these sites from the comparisons they continue to get online poker.

Thanks to Sports Business Daily for providing me with the monetary numbers and company names involved in the deal between ESPN and DraftKings.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I will post our predictions for the 2015 baseball season.

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