Who’s the ____ at 3rd base.

Posted: March 27, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports
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We move to the hot corner today to find the best player, most underrated player, the player who’ll have a bounce back year and a player to stay away from this season.

The Best; Adrián Béltre, Texas Rangers. While the Rangers where bad last season Beltre wasn’t. He hit .324 with 19 home runs and 77 RBI’s. With a healthy season out of some of the players in the batting order ahead of Beltre his RBI total may go up this season. It’s hard to believe that Beltre is entering his 18 major league season. Don’t be surprised to see .300, 20 home runs and 95 RBI’s out of Beltre in 2015.

On a side note here if Miguel Cabrera qualifies at 3rd base in your league I would take him over Beltre here. I took Beltre because he’ll be an everyday 3rd baseman this season.

Underrated; Aramis Ramírez, Milwaukee Brewers. Ramirez has announced that he will retire after the 2015 season. The question with Ramirez is will he stay healthy, but if he does he’ll put up solid numbers for any fantasy team. He did play 133 games last season and his power was a little down with 15 home runs. He did hit .285 and drove in 66 runs. If he could do that again or get to that 20 home run number it should be considered a fond farewell.

Bounce Back; David Wright, New York Mets. Wright played in 134 games last season; he hit .269 with a career low 8 home runs and 63 RBI’s. Wright was battling some injuries last season and as long as he’s healthy his home run total should improve. Also if the Mets are an improved team like some experts thin they are Wright’s numbers will have to go up for them to contend. Don’t be surprised if Wright hits close to .300 with 20 to 25 home runs and 90 plus RBI’s; he might even get back to double digits in steals as well.

Stay Away from; Chase Headley, New York Yankees. There are people who think Headley is still the player he was in 2012 when he hit 31 home runs, led the N.L. in RBI’s with 115, hit .286 and was a candidate for M.V.P. His numbers in 2013 were .250, 13 and 50. Last season between the San Diego Padres and the Yankees his numbers were .243, 13 and 49. Not the kind of numbers you’ll want from your 3rd baseman.

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