The Sports Time Radio Baseball Awards; 2013 season

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Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy and I all submitted lists for this seasons major league baseball awards. Schaumburg Stu sent me 1st place votes; so I used his as tie breakers. If a player got a 1st place vote he was awarded 7 points; 5 points for a 2nd place vote; 3 points for a 3rd place vote; 2 points for a 4th place vote and 1 point for a 5th place vote. Here’s how the voting played out. Point totals will follow the person’s name in parenthesis.

American League Manager of the Year.

1st: John Farrell (14) Boston Red Sox

2nd: Terry Francona (13) Cleveland Indians

3rd: Jim Leyland (10) Detroit Tigers

Other managers receiving votes. Ned Yost (7) Kansas City Royals, Bob Melvin (4) Oakland A’s, Joe Girardi (2) New York Yankees, Joe Maddon (2) Tampa Bay Rays, Bo Porter (1) Houston Astros, Ron Washington (1) Texas Rangers.

National League Manager of the Year.

1st: Clint Hurdle (16) Pittsburgh Pirates

2nd: Don Mattingly (13) Los Angeles Dodgers

3rd: Freddi Gonzalez (13) Atlanta Braves

Other managers receiving votes. Mike Matheny (5) St. Louis Cardinals, Dusty Baker (4) Cincinnati Reds, Kirk Gibson (3) Arizona Diamondbacks.

American League Rookie of the Year

1st: Will Myers (19) Tampa Bay Rays

2nd: Chris Archer (10) Tampa Bay Rays

3rd: Jose Iglesias (8) Detroit Tigers

Other rookies receiving votes. Dan Strailey (6) Oakland A’s, J. B. Shuck (5) Los Angles Angels of Anaheim, Martin Perez (2) Texas Rangers, Brandon Barnes (2) Houston Astros, Conor Gillaspie (1) Chicago White Sox, Oswaldo Arcia (1) Minnesota Twins.

National League Rookie of the Year.

1st: Yasiel Puig (19) Los Angeles Dodgers

2nd: Jose Fernandez (12) Miami Marlins

3rd: Jedd Gyorko (8) San Diego Padres

Other rookies receiving votes. Evan Gattis (5) Atlanta Braves, Shelby Miller (3) St. Louis Cardinals, Hyun-Jin Ryu (2) Los Angeles Dodgers, Nolan Arenado (2) Colorado Rockies, Matt Adams (1) St. Louis Cardinals, Julio Teheran (1) Atlanta Braves, Junior Lake (1) Chicago Cubs.

American League Cy Young Award.

1st: Max Scherzer (21) Detroit Tigers Unanimous

2nd: Bartolo Colon (10) Oakland A’s

3rd: Aníbal Sánchez (6) Detroit Tigers & Chris Sale (6) Chicago White Sox

Other pitchers receiving votes. James Shields (3) Kansas City Royals, Yu Darvish (3) Texas Rangers, Felix Hernandez (2) Seattle Mariners, Hisashi Iwakuma (2) Seattle Mariners, C. J. Wilson (1).

National League Cy Young Award.

1st: Clayton Kershaw (21) Los Angeles Dodgers Unanimous

2nd: Adam Wainwright (8) St. Louis Cardinals

3rd: Zach Greinke (7) Los Angeles Dodgers & Jose Fernandez (7) Miami Marlins

Other pitchers receiving votes. Matt Harvey (6) New York Mets; Jordan Zimmerman (3) Washington Nationals; Francisco Liriano (1) Pittsburgh Pirates.

American League Most Valuable Player (M.V.P.)

1st: Miguel Cabera (21) Detroit Tigers Unanimous

2nd: Mike Trout (13) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

3rd: Chris Davis (8) Baltimore Orioles

Other players receiving votes. Robinson Cano (7) New York Yankees, Adrian Beltre (2) Texas Rangers, David Ortiz (1) Boston Red Sox, Joe Mauer (1) Minnesota Twins, Josh Donaldson (1) Oakland A’s.

National League M.V.P.

1st: Andrew McCutchen (19) Pittsburgh Pirates

2nd: Paul Goldschmidt (17) Arizona Diamondbacks

3rd: Matt Carpenter (5) St. Louis Cardinals

Other players receiving votes. Freddie Freeman (3) Atlanta Braves, Chris Johnson (3) Atlanta Braves, Clayton Kershaw (2) Los Angeles Dodgers. Yader Molina (2) St. Louis Cardinals, Jayson Werth (1) Washington Nationals, Troy Tulowitzki (1) Colorado Rockies.

This is how we voted; how did you see this season?

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