Baseball (Extra Innings preview)

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So the baseball season is about three weeks old and I want to talk about week one. Yeah, yeah I know a little late, but better late than never.

The season opened on a Sunday night with the Houston Astros getting their 1st win as an American League team. After that my week got interesting. I was off of work the 1st week of the season and on my cable system I get a free preview of the Extra Innings baseball package. On that first Monday of the season I watched baseball for about 12 hours and I have to tell you it was fantastic. My co-host Dan the Man was so jealous of my situation. During the week I saw every team play at least a few innings. One of my favorite things is listening to the announcers from the other teams do the games. My favorite like a lot of people out their was listening to Vin Scully do the Dodgers games. The opening series with the Reds against the Angels was fun to watch. One night Arizona and St. Louis played 16 innings. I was able to see Yu Darvish throw 8 2/3 innings of a perfect game and much, much more. Sadly I could never afford to buy this package and if I had it I’d lose my job because I’d be watching baseball all the time. Also on the plus side of the free preview is if you’re a hockey fan as well the NHL games air on the same channels; so you got a bonus of free NHL games. The only negative on the entire experience was when they had games scheduled back to back on a station. A lot of times the first game would run late and you would get the second game until they had already played a few innings. Now they have enough channels to fix the issue and I don’t know if it’s different if you actually order the Extra Innings package. I know that the NBA & NHL playoffs are getting ready to start, but it’s baseball season. Even as I’m writing this I have the Mariners/Tigers game playing on my computer. Maybe I have a problem?

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Yu Darvish
MLB Extra Innings
Opening Day
Vin Scully


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