To DH or not to DH?

Posted: June 30, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in sports
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A great debate in the world of major league baseball; the DH. One of my favorite things about baseball is the fact that each league is different and we the fans tend to take sides. I like to think of myself as a NL guy. I grew a Cubs fan but also was able to catch Braves and Mets games before the Networks took over. Its the tradition of having everyone on the field step up to the plate that many of us hold onto.

It’s almost time for the all star break and I know not many are thinking about next season but in the 2013 season the Houston Astros will have moved to the American League West, making each division even with five teams. It Is believed that with this change Inter-league play could happen any time of the year.

Recently Carlos Zambrano was taken out of the game on June 9th complaining of lower back stiffness that may have been caused by swinging for the fences in BP (1) Ozzie Guillen spent his career in the AL and with situations like this I can see Ozzie and many other managers and the owners in the NL favoring the DH, so that their star pitcher with the multi year, multi million dollar contract isn’t hurt or injured in the batters box or running the bases.

As much as I love the tradition of the MLB and the two leagues possessing different set of rules, I’m beginning to think the benefits of having a DH could carry over greatly for the NL. The Cubs for instance might not be trying to trade Soriano, he could be their DH for the next 3 years of his contract. It could bring on the possibility of guys staying with one team for the life of their career. Perhaps, Pujols & Fielder would have stayed in the NL.

In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out but either way I’m excited about 2013 and very interested in what changes will be made to the schedule.

Dan the Man

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