Week 14 Start’em and Sit’em

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Week 14 has a lot of great story lines.

Who will separate themselves in the Rookie of the year race?  I see it as a three horse race between Luck, RGIII and Wilson.

Is this the AFC championship preview?  New England hosts the Texans in what should be a great game.

Can the Steelers keep their playoff dreams alive?  The last spot comes down to Bengals and Steelers.

Now Which is the better division, all year everyone proclaimed the NFC as the better division, but I don’t see it that way anymore.

Let’s get into this week’s Fantasy Start’em and Sit’em

Quarterbacks Start’ems.

  • Eli Manning – Big day against a bad Tampa Defense and it is December.  Look for the Gaints to get really hot down the stretch.
  • Joe Flacco-Washington has a bad pass defense.  Ranked 31st against the pass, Flacco has a great afternoon.
  • Andrew Luck- Will be rookie of the year and we are watching something special developing this season in Indy, add in a bad Tennessee team=big afternoon.
  • Matthew Stafford –Has the best receiver in the NFL and Green Bay gives up yards thru the air.

Quarterback Sit’em

  • Phillip Rivers –Nothing left to play for and faces best defense in the NFL.
  • Jay Cutler-Great QB, bad system faces decent defense means bad numbers
  • Tony Romo- Bengals pass defense is under rated.  Romo will have trouble moving the ball.
  •  Russell Wilson-Is now in the Rookie of the year conversation after beating the Bears.  He will have a tough night against the Cardinals.

Running Back Start’em

  • Steven Jackson-87 rushes/369 yds/1 TD over the last 4 games.  This includes 2 games against the 49ers.  Buffalo is 30th against the rush, expect his production to be high.
  • Jamaal Charles-K.C has found its rushing attack. Charles has Averaged 105 yds a game over the last 4.  Lokk for this to continue this week.
  •  Chris Johnson- He has struggle the last 2 weeks, but he a colts defense that is not very good against the rush.  He gets things back on track this week.
  • Ben Jarvus Green-Elis– Faces a middle of the road rush defense and they will be keying in on A.J. Green and the pass defense.

Running Back Sit’ems

  • Bryce Brown-I know he has been putting up BIG numbers since starting, but this week he faces the best run defense.
  • Reggie Bush Faces 3rd rank rush defense
  • Ryan Mathews– he has been struggling on posting 53 yds a game and 0 TDs over the past 5 games.  Now he faces the number defense in the NFL.
  • Steven Ridley Has scored in his last 4 games.  Houston is stout against the run and Ridley will have a tough night.

Wide Receiver Start’em

  • Hakeem Nicks-Faces the 30th rank pass defense.
  • Jeremy Maclin- Faces worst Pass Defense in the NFL.
  •  Chris Givens-20 targets/16 Rec/207 yds/1 TD over the last 2 games.  This continues against Buffalo’s middle of the road pass Defense.
  • Torrey Smith-He is being targeted a minimum of 8 times a game over the last 4 games combined with the NFL’s worst pass defense.  He should put up good numbers this week.

Wide Receiver Sit’em

  • Larry Fitzgerald-He is one of the best receivers in the NFL, but no QB and a tough physical Seattle defense means another bad night.
  • Stevie Johnson-His production has been up over the last 4 games, but the Rams defense is better than they get credit for.  It will be tough game for him.
  • Brian Hartline-Faces 2nd best pass Defense
  • Steve Smith(Car)- 6 for 52 YDs when he faced Atlanta in September.  Atlanta is looking to clinch the number 1 seed.  His numbers will be similar to last time.

Tight End Start’em

  • Owen Daniels-Great situation against New England.
  • Jason Witten-Romo will be looking for his check down all night.
  • Jermaine Gresham-Who be open a lot
  • Heath Miller – Big Ben returns

Tight End Sit’em

  • Brandon Pettigrew– Not the main Tight end anymore.
  • Antonio Gates– They’ve packed it in
  • Jermichael Finley-Over rated
  • Brent Celek-not been productive

Let me know how you like this and if you agree.  You can always get me @mrfanofsports or Email the show.


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