Start’em Sit’em Week 10

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This is an interesting week in the NFL schedule.  When I look at the match ups this week I see a lot of interesting story line.

The Eagles host the Cowboys which is the battle of two under achieving teams.  I wonder if the game will be as exciting as the speculation of the fate of everyone involved.

The Bears host one of the premier teams in the AFC as the Texans come to town.  This is the real first test for the bears.  We will find out if the Bears are contenders or pretenders.  Can the AFC compete with the NFC?

Payton Manning and company travel to Carolina to Face Cam Newton and the struggling Panthers.  Can Cam Newton regain some of his swagger from last season?  Will Manning continue to prove he is the number one QB in the NFL?

On to Start’em and Sit’em

Quarterbacks Start’ems.

  • Matt Ryan Faces off against a defense that only causes mayhem against the Eagles.  The Saints rank 29th against the pass.  The Falcons have one of the best tandems in the NFL right now plus a TE that is having a great year.  Falcons will throw early and often and Matt Ryan owners have a great day.
  • Tony Romo Faces a struggling Eagles Defense that has given up season highs in points allow since firing their defensive coordinator.   Look for this trend to continue this week.
  • Matthew Stafford has averaged 300 yds a game this season.  His issue is he has not been able to find the end zone this year.  You saw sparks of last year when he threw 3 TD passes.  Look for him to have another solid week this week.
  • Carson Palmer is averaging 318 yds in the last 4 games and has thrown 8 TDs over that span.  He faces a Ravens team that has lost their heart and soul.  The Ravens are no longer a defensive juggernaut.  This looks to be a good play this week.


Quarterback Sit’em

  • Christian Ponder threw for 111 yds last time he faced Detroit.  His 30th rank offense fairs no better in the pass game this week.  Look for Ponder to throw for less than 200 yds for the 5th time this season.
  • Michael Vick faces a strong Cowboys pass defense that will create problems that his offensive line can’t handle.  Look for the turnovers to continue and the offensive struggles will continue also.
  • Matt Schaub has struggled against good defenses this year and this week he gets a premier defense.  The Bears can be soft underneath but they are creating lots of turn over’s.  Don’t expect Schaub to throw more than 200 yds and maybe a TD.
  •  Jay Cutler faces the 4th best passing defense in the NFL.  The Bears passing offense is ranked 29th and has been the beneficiary of an opportunistic defense.  

Running Back Start’em

  • Steven Ridley Faces the Bill’s defense.  Only reason you need to start him.
  • C.J Spiller is the man in Buffalo and it looks like Buffalo has figured that out.  Look for him to have a lot of touches this week in both the running game and passing game.
  • Willis McGahee has been unproductive this year against good run defenses but this week he gets a bad Carolina run defense.  Look for him to put up similar numbers as he did against the Saints and the Raiders.  100 yds and a TD this week.
  • Frank Gore faces a Rams team that was run all over 2 weeks ago by New England.  The 49ers are a run first team and look for Frank Gore to get lots of carriers this week.

Running Back Sit’ems

  • Jamaal Charles has only rushed for over 100 yds twice this year.  He faces a Steelers defense that only allows 88 yds a game.
  • Shonn Greene has had 17 or more touches over the last three weeks and has produced good numbers.  This week he faces a very good Seattle defense and will disappear has he has all year when he faces a good defense
  • Steven Jackson and the Rams will not get the running game going against the 49ers.
  • Fred Jackson has seen his touches decrease in each of the last couple of weeks.  Increase work load for C.J Spiller = sit Fred Jackson.

Wide Receiver Start’em

  • Vincent Jackson faces his former team and they can be thrown against.
  • Miles Austin faces a bad Eagles defense.
  •  Brian Hartline faces a bad pass defense.  Look for lots of success against the 27th ranked Titans.
  • Denarius Moore is a favorite target for Carson Palmer.  The Ravens are looking for life after Ray Lewis and company.  He should have a productive day.

Wide Receiver Sit’em

  • Steve Smith has 1 TD so far this year.  The Broncos defense is solid and Carolina’s offense has been up and down all year.
  • Stevie Johnson week 4 against New England he 2 passes for 23 yds.  New England is better now than they were then and Johnson is banged up.  Look for him to have another bad showing.
  • Andre Johnson will get a lot of attention this week from Charles Tilman.  The Bears defense is for real.  Look for his production to drop this week.  
  • Hakeem Nicks Still has not shown up for a game this year.  Until he gets involved in the offense look for other options.

Tight End Start’em

  • Antonio Gates has only scored 3 TDs this year and has not been productive.  He still is a good Tight End and faces the 32nd ranked pass defense this week.  Look for a good performance this week.
  • Jason Witten Eagles Defense, Eagles Defense
  • Dustin Keller has returned to the Jets.  He has been targeted 7 and 11 times over the past two weeks and this will continue in Seattle this week.
  • Brandon Pettigrew is healthy and plays good against the Vikings.  He will be the reason the Vikings lose this week.

Tight End Sit’em

  • Kyle Rudolph bad Vikings offense.
  • Greg Olsen is over rated.  He has 1 TD this year and draws a bad match up against the Broncos
  • Scott Chandler had a great outing against New England last time, but they will have an answer this week.
  • Brent Celek under used this year on a under achieving Eagles team.

Let me know how you like this and if you agree.  You can always get me @mrfanofsports or Email the show.


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