A. Rizzo

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in Uncategorized

If you’ve listen to the show you know that Dan the Man and I live in the Chicago area. The big news for he terrible Cubs right now is that their top prospect Anthony Rizzo is being called up tomorrow (Tuesday). Now there’s not a lot of news to cover with the Cubs sadly; except for how many games over 100 they’ll lose this season. You have to wonder how much pressure Rizzo is going to feel with all the talk about him. He came up towards the end of the season last year with San Diego and didn’t fair to well. I’ve heard that the Cubs hitting coaches have made a change to Rizzo swing and he has put up fantastic numbers at Iowa this season. My hope is that the Cubs will put him out their to play everyday no matter who’s on the mound for the other team, but I’m a little afraid we’re going to see the platoon with Jeff Baker. Rizzo has to understand that he’s not here to save the team; since there’s no saving this team this season. Hopefully the Cubs will keep him in the majors for the rest of the season; what do they have to lose. I think if you’re a Cub fan you’d have to be happy if Rizzo hits close to .300 and ends up with double-digit home runs. At least he’s in the majors now and the Cubs can see what they have in Anthony Rizzo.

On a side note I saw ex-Cub Marlon Byrd was suspended for 50 games today. I’ll have to look for some more information.


  1. Stewart Silverman says:

    Was Byrd still in the majors or was he dropped to the Boston minor league affiliation when the suspension occured?


    • After checking several sources I was u unable to dig up weather he was with the Red Sox or not but after being released June 12 and then having to wait until mid-August to play; The bigger question is weather or not he will play this year or ever again in the big leagues?


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