The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have acquired Huston Street from the San Diego Padres in a 6 player deal. Prospects Taylor Lindsey, R.J. Alvarez, Jose Rondon and Elliot Morris will head to San Diego while the Angels will also get right-hander Trevor Gott. Street has 24 saves and has only given up 4 earned runs in 33 appearances for an ERA of 1.09. Ernesto Frieri started the season as the Angels closer and did get 11 saves, but had his issues along the way and was eventually dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Joe Smith moved into the closer role after the Frieri deal and picked up 15 saves to this point for the Angels. Street is in his 10th season and the Angels will be his 4th team. He has closed for the Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies and of course the Padres before the trade. Street has 258 career saves with his high water mark being 37 saves for the A’s in 2006. The back-end up the bullpen was the Angels weakness going into the season, but with the trade for Street they get an experienced closer who should help keep them in the American League West race. The Angels are 1 1/2 behind the A’s in the West and would claim a wild card spot right now. The top two teams in the A.L. West the A’s and the Angels have made big trades. Does this mean the Seattle Mariners have to make a deal to stay in the A.L. West race? The Mariners are currently 9 games behind Oakland, but would be the 2nd wild card team right now.

I’m not sure how many of you where rooting for the New York Yankees this season. With it being Derek Jeter’s last season I thought they might get themselves into the playoffs and Jeter would go out that way. Now with the pitching injuries the Yankees have had I don’t think will get to see Jeter in the playoffs one more time. Masahiro Tanaka has issues with the ligament in his pitching elbow. No one has said the magic Tommy John word when it comes to Tanaka, but you have to wonder if that surgery is down the road for him. The Yankees have also announced that CC Sabathia’s season is officially over. Sabathia is scheduled to have arthroscopic debridement surgery this coming Wednesday. No team can lose it’s top two starting pitchers and hope to compete; so sadly for Yankees fans and Derek Jeter fans it looks like his career will end at game 162 this season.

As you’ve known for a week or so now LeBron James signed a 2 year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well now James wants Kevin Love to be a Cavalier and the trade rumors have started. Unlike James’s situation when he went to Miami, Love has a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves; so Cleveland just can’t sign him. The trade rumor I’ve heard the most has Cleveland sending this year’s #1 overall draft pick; Andrew Wiggins, last years #1 overall draft pick Anthony Bennett and a 2015 1st round draft pick to Minnesota for Love. It’s being reported that the Timberwolves want more than this for the Cavaliers for Love. James must realize that the way the cavaliers roster is right now that they’re too young and inexperienced to win and NBA title and adding a player like Love brings the Cavaliers closer to that title. Don’t forget though that the Golden State Warriors have long had an interest in Love. The Warriors are offering a package that includes David Lee and Harrison Barnes. Minnesota would like Klay Thompson in any deal they make with Golden State, but right now the Warriors have been hesitant to include Thompson in any deal. The Chicago Bulls where the 3rd team that had major interest in Love, but with the signing of Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic signing the Bulls are out. I mentioned earlier that James only signed for two seasons with Cleveland. Will we have to go through “Decision 3″ with James? I don’t think that will happen. Two years is a good signing by James and his people. After that 2nd season the new television contract kicks in for the NBA and the salary cap should go up allowing James to get more money in a couple of seasons. I don’t think Cavaliers fans should panic about the short-term deal for James; I think it was just a smart business move by his agent.

So how was your week?

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So this may be the slowest sports week of the year. Major League Baseball is on their All-Star break. Most of the big name free agents in the National Basketball Association have signed with teams. National Football League training camps don’t open until next week for most teams. The National Hockey League gets pushed to the side unless they’re actually playing games. Even the World Cup has ended; oh what to do.

If you’ve been following NBA free agents and where they ended up signing, did you notice that the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t sign any players? Could that be because Donald Sterling still owns the team? This is going to be the case right into the regular season unless something big happens. Even though Sterling was offered a unbelievable $2 billion dollars for the Clippers I don’t think he wants to sell the team and will do everything he can legally to hang on to them. While I don’t side with Sterling or the comments that he made he is allowed due process like any other American is and we have to deal with this. I don’t know why he didn’t take that offer and run; since it was way over what the team is worth, but he didn’t. It looks like his family would like him to take that offer, but that might end up being decided in court as well. As it looks, this will drag out into the NBA regular season and how will this affect the Clippers? Would you go to a Clippers game if Sterling still owns the team? Why would Sterling hang on to this team if attendance drops and the Clippers start to lose money. Who knows when this will wrap up as it looks like Sterling is going to go through every and any legal channel he can find to some how try to hang onto the Clippers. It’s a tough spot for the NBA and new commissioner Adam Silver to be in to start the season.

Did you watch the MLB All-Star game last night? I think the MLB All-Star game is far and away the closest to an actually game than any of the other sports. The American League defeated the National League 5-3. Max Scherzer was awarded the win while Pat Neshek took the loss. Glen Perkins of the hosting team the Minnesota Twins got the save for the American League. Mike Trout won the Most Valuable Player award. Trout was 2 for 3 with a triple and 2 RBI’s in the game. While Trout was a good of choice as any, weren’t you secretly rooting for Derek Jeter to win the MVP in his last All-Star game? I can honestly say that I was and Jeter did enough to win the award, but Trout did a little more. Jeter went 2 for 2; leading off the bottom of the 1st with a double and scored the 1st run for the American League. Maybe it would’ve been overkill had they given Jeter the MVP award, but hey Mariano Rivera won it last season pitching just one inning. Jeter got his moment to say goodbye after 6 innings as Alexei Ramirez came out to replace Jeter after the American League had taken the field. It was a nice moment for the 14 time All-Star as Jeter waved to the fans and tipped his cap. Jeter waved multiple times at the National League dugout and I think he hugged everyone in the American League dugout.

The British Open starts tomorrow (Thursday) or as it’s just being called now The Open. ESPN has the coverage and you know they have to be jumping up and down that Tiger Woods has decided to play. While I think it would be a bit of a surprise if Woods ended up winning this tournament, but it would be a great scenario if it happened. Woods isn’t that far removed from being injured and you have to wonder if he’s 100% healthy. I’m sure Woods is most people’s pick to win this weekend, but there are some other golfers to watch. Lee Westwood should’ve won The Open last year at Muirfield and he may bounce back and win this year. How about Bubba Watson? He can play big in big tournaments or he could go out and double bogey the front nine, but he’s fun to watch. Graeme McDowell may surprise some people this week. He’s from Northern Ireland and should be familiar with the course; so don’t be surprised to see his name high on the leaderboard though the weekend. So there are a couple of other names other than Tiger Woods to look out for over the weekend for you.

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So LeBron James made a decision without us having to watch a decision special and I’m very happy about that. Not a real surprise move by James; he’s going back to Cleveland. You pretty much had to figure he was either going to stay with the Miami Heat or go back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I did throw out the Houston Rockets as a dark horse team in the show, but that was a long, long shot at best. I have no issues at all with LeBron going back to Cleveland; my biggest issue was the way this was covered. ESPN cancelled their regular programming to cover this story. Was it really that important? While I understand James is the best basketball player in the world and him switching teams is a big sports story with the way it was covered you would’ve thought the Messiah had returned to Earth. I was trying to find sports highlights last night and every show had the LeBron signing as the lead story; which it should’ve been, but did half to three-quarters of the show have been about it. I even ended up seeing the shot you always get of LeBron”s home in Cleveland. The weird thing though was all of the media outlets knew he wasn’t there and they still went to his house; so we could see the end of his driveway and the security gate. Was this really necessary coverage since James himself announced he was going to Brazil to watch the World Cup final. To be fair basketball is my least favorite of the 4 major sports and I’m sure that played into the fact that I thought this was incredibly stupid coverage. Let’s break this signing down into a sports perspective and not the major media garbage they turned it into yesterday. By signing James the Cavaliers automatically become a contender in the Eastern conference and to a lesser extent a contender for the NBA title. Remember the Cavaliers are a very young team and young teams don’t normally win NBA titles. James will play with point guard Kyrie Irving (22 years old), but Irving has had some trouble staying healthy. Also on the Cavaliers roster 2014 1st round draft pick Andrew Wiggins (19), 2013 #1 overall pick Anthony Bennett (21), Dion Waiters (23) and Tristan Thompson (22); Cleveland does still have veteran center Anderson Varejao on their roster with these young players. Now this roster and players I listed could all change through trades and there are already rumors of those out there, but if this roster stays intact this is a very young team with no playoff experience. Even with the greatest basketball player in the world on it can they win a championship. There three rumors I heard yesterday where. 1) a trade with Minnesota for Kevin Love. Love did say he would sign a long term with Cleveland if traded there. 2) Ray Allen would be signed as a free agent to rejoin James and 3) Mike Miller would be another free agent signing. There where some other NBA free agent moves yesterday even though you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage; remember only LeBron matters to them. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Chris Bosh needed to get out of James’s shadow and see if he’s still a top player in the NBA. While he didn’t sign with the Houston Rockets like I suggested he do he did get a 5 year $118 million dollar contract to stay with the Heat. While no one see Miami as the top team in the eastern conference they’re still a playoff team and now it’s up to Bosh and Dwayne Wade to keep them relevent. One of the under the radar free agents appears to be on the move as well. Isaiah Thomas agreed to a 4 year $28 million dollar deal and will be sent to the Phoenix Suns in a sign and trade. The next big NBA free agent show to drop will be Carmelo Anthony and while I bet he stays with the New York Knicks there where reports last night that the Chicago Bulls where still in the running to sign him. The Bulls are also the front-runners to sign Pau Gasol, but they both can’t be signed by the Bulls. If your favorite team hasn’t made a move yet there are still some quality players still out there as free agents besides Anthony and Gasol. Greg Monroe is a restricted free agent and while the Detroit Pistons could match any offer he gets a team could make him an offer to good to refuse; or that Detroit just can’t match. Paul Millsap is an unrestricted free agent and a good NBA big man if your team needs some inside help. Swing man Luol Deng is out there as well as Lance Stephenson. So your favorite team could still find a guy to help them this off-season.

It seems to be major injury week in Major League Baseball (MLB). The St. Louis cardinals lost starting Catcher Yader Molina for 8-12 weeks with a torn ligament in his thumb. The New York Yankees put Japanese import Masahiro Tanake on the disabled list (DL) with what turned out to be a tear in his UCL ligament. Also the Cincinnati Reds lost 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips for 6-8 weeks with a torn thumb ligament. It always hurts to lose a quality starting pitcher like Tanaka I’m not sure the Yankees where a playoff team with him, but in the cases of Molina and Phillips their teams are in the race for 1st place in the National League Central. St. Louis finds itself 1 game out of first place going into today’s game and Cincinnati is just a 1 1/2 games out of 1st. Molina is the best catcher in baseball and while his offense has been down this season there no way to replace what he does behind the plate. St. Louis is going to try to fill Molina’s spot from within the club, but you have to wonder if the recently designated for assignment A.J. Pierzynski might get a look from them. Cincinnati has Ramon Santiago who can fill in for Phillips for now and they also have Skip Schumaker who has plated 2nd base at the major league level before. Schumaker did just go on the 7 day DL for a possible concussion, but I still don’t think Cincinnati goes outside of the organization to fill Phillips’s spot.

So how was your week?

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The baseball trading deadline is at the end of the month, but the Oakland A’s and the Chicago Cubs got things started on July 5th. The Cubs traded two starting pitchers; Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija to the A’s and received shortstop Addison Russell, Billy McKinney, Dan Straily and a player to be named later or cash considerations. Living in the Chicago area this has been talked about quite a bit. I’ve heard a lot of baseball people say the Cubs got a great deal, but did they? Hammel and Samardzija are top of the rotation pitchers while the Cubs have potential. Straily started the season in the Oakland rotation and was so bad he was optioned to Triple A. McKinney is in Class A ball; that’s a long way away from being in the major league. The best player baseball people say the Cubs got in the deal was shortstop Russell; who was in Double A at the time of the trade and injured. For this trade to come out good on the Cubs end doesn’t Russell have to be a break out major league player? Shouldn’t McKinney at least get the majors and be a solid player. Shouldn’t Straily be a 4th or 5th starter for the Cubs. There are so many if’s involved in this deal for the Cubs I’m not sure you can say it’s good on there end to start with. Now it may work out to be a great deal for the Cubs, but can you call it that way right now or should you wait to call it a great deal. Remember you don’t always get John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander or Mark McGwire for T. J. Matthews, Blake Stein and Eric Ludwick. I gave Cubs fans a break there and they all know what I’m talking about. Or course having Hammel and Samardzija wasn’t going to get the Cubs into the playoffs any time soon; so they might as well move them for prospects who might be major league ready when and or if the Cubs ever improve. Does this trade have to get the A’s into the World Series for it to be a good deal for them? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim also made a trade on July 5th. The Angels got left-handed pitcher Joe Thatcher and outfielder Tony Campana from the Arizona Diamondbacks for outfielder Zach Borenstein and minor league pitcher Joey Krehbiel. I’m not quite sure if this move by the Angels is equal to the move that the A’s made, but it should make the American League West fun to watch. The Diamondbacks made another trade the next day sending starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy to the New York Yankees for pitcher Vidal Nuno. You have to believe the Yankees where looking for a veteran starting pitcher since it looks more and more like C.C. Sabathia will be lost for the season. The Yankees still have a shot at being a playoff team and they’ll need a veteran starter like McCarthy in their rotation. As the deadline gets closer their will be more and more trades made as team try to get ready for a playoff run.

If you listen to the show you know I’ve been very tough lately on Chris Bosh. Bosh was offered a 4 year $88 million dollar deal by the Houston Rockets and hasn’t taken it yet because he apparently is waiting to see what LeBron James does. If you don’t remember Bosh used to be a Top 10 or maybe even a Top 5 player in the NBA now he’s an after thought in Miami. Bosh’s last year in Toronto he averaged 24.0 points per game. He’s never averaged over 20.0 points per game with Miami. I think Bosh needs to get out of the shadows of James and Dwayne Wade. While Wade isn’t the player he used to be he’ll always be the face of the Miami Heat. Wade was their draft pick and won a title before James and Bosh got their. I’m telling Bosh to go to Houston take that deal and try to win a title with James Harden and Dwight Howard. If Bosh passes up the Rockets deal and signs a veteran exception or whatever the NBA calls it then he’s a coward and he has no confidence in his own ability. It would be sad for Bosh if I thought he had more talent than he thinks he does.

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Here we go with the now 2nd annual Sports Time Radio All-Stars. Dan the Man, Mr, Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I have all picked the players we think should be playing in this years All-Star game. Here’s how the voting was handled. A player got 8 points for a 1st place vote. 6 points for a 2nd place vote. 4 points for a 3rd place vote, 3 points for a 4th place vote, 2 points for a 5th place vote and 1 point for a 6th place vote. We picked 3 players each at Catcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, Shortstop and 3rd Base, 6 Outfielders, 6 Starting Pitchers along with 4 Relievers. We ended up with four players being unanimous selection; three in the National League and one in the American League. Here’s how the voting came out. The point total a player accumulated will appear in parentheses next to his name.

Catcher: American League
Salvador Perez (24) Kansas City Royals; Kurt Suzuki (22) Minnesota Twins; Derek Norris (14) Oakland A’s; Yan Gomes (12) Cleveland Indians.
National League:
Jonathan LuCroy (28) Milwaukee Brewers; Yader Molina (20) St. Louis Cardinals; Buster Posey (14) San Francisco Giants; Miguel Montero (6) Arizona Diamondbacks; Evan Gattis (4) Atlanta Braves.

1st Base: American League
Miguel Cabrera (32) Unanimous, Detroit Tigers; Jose Abreu (18) Chicago White Sox; Edwin Encarnacion (18) Toronto Blue Jays; Brandon Moss (4) Oakland A’s.
National League:
Paul Goldschmidt (32) Unanimous, Arizona Diamondbacks; Anthony Rizzo (18) Chicago Cubs; Freddie Freeman (12) Atlanta Braves; Adrian Gonzalez (6) Los Angeles Dodgers; Justin Morneau (4) Colorado Rockies.

2nd Base: American League
Jose Altuve (28) Houston Astros; Robinson Cano (26) Seattle Mariners; Ian Kinsler (14) Detroit Tigers; Brian Dozier (4) Minnesota Twins.
National League:
Dee Gordon (22) Los Angeles Dodgers; Anthony Rendon (14) Washington Nationals; Daniel Murphy (12) New York Mets; Scooter Gennett (8) Milwaukee Brewers; Chase Utley (8) Philadelphia Phillies; Neil Walker (4) Pittsburgh Pirates; Matt Carpenter (4) St. Louis Cardinals.

Shortstop: American League
Alexei Ramirez (26) Chicago White Sox; Alcides Escobar (18) Kansas City Royals; Derek Jeter (12) New York Yankees; Erick Aybar (8) Los Angeles Angels; Xander Bogaerts (4) Boston red Sox; Elvis Andrus (4) Texas Rangers.
National League:
Troy Tulowitzki (32) Unanimous Colorado Rockies; Hanley Ramirez (14) Los Angeles Dodgers; Starling Castro (10) Chicago Cubs; Brandon Crawford (6) San Francisco Giants; Dee Gordon (6) Los Angeles Dodgers; Jhonny Peralta (4) St. Louis Cardinals.

3rd Base: American League
Josh Donaldson (26) Oakland A’s; Adrian Beltre (20) Texas Rangers; Kyle Seager (12) Seattle Mariners; Evan Longoria (8) Tampa Bay Rays; Lonnie Chisenhall (4) Cleveland Indians.
National League:
Todd Frazier (32) Unanimous Cincinnati Reds; Casey McGehee (22) Miami Marlins; Matt Carpenter (10) St. Louis Cardinals; David Wright (4) New York Mets; Anthony Rendon (4) Washington Nationals.

Outfield: American league
Mike Trout (30) Los Angeles Angels; Jose Bautista (17) Toronto Blue Jays; Micheal Brantley (16) Cleveland Indians; Yoenis Cespedes (9) Oakland A’s; Adam Jones (8) Baltimore Orioles; Melky Cabrera (6) Toronto Blue Jays; Nelson Cruz (4) Baltimore Orioles; Alex Gordon (3) Kansas City Royals; Alex Rios (2) Texas Rangers; Jacoby Ellsbury (1) New York Yankees.
National League:
Andrew McCutchen (28) Pittsburgh Pirates; Giancarlo Stanton (24) Miami Marlins; Yasiel Puig (17) Los Angeles Dodgers; Carlos Gomez (10) Milwaukee Brewers; Charlie Blackmon (7) Colorado Rockies; Hunter Pence (4) San Francisco Giants; Ryan Braun (4) Milwaukee Brewers; Mike Morse (1) San Francisco Giants; Billy Hamilton (1) Cincinnati Reds.

Starting Pitching: American League
Felix Hernandez (25) Seattle Mariners; Masahiro Tanaka (22) New York Yankees; Mark Buehrle (12) Toronto Blue Jays; Max Scherzer (12) Detroit Tigers; Yu Darvish (8) Texas Rangers; David Price (8) Tampa Bay Rays; Chris Sale (4) Chicago White Sox; Scott Kazmir (4) Oakland A’s; Jon Lester (1) Boston Red Sox.
National League:
Adam Wainwright (30) St. Louis Cardinals; Clayton Kershaw (18) Los Angeles Dodgers; Johnny Cueto (16) Cincinnati Reds; Zach Greinke (12) Los Angeles Dodgers; Julio Teheran (5) Atlanta Braves; Tim Hudson *4) San Francisco Giants; Josh Beckett (2) Los Angeles Dodgers; Tim Lincecum (2) San Francisco Giants; Madison Bumgarner (2) San Francisco Giants; Steven Strasburg (1) Washington Nationals/

Relief Pitchers: American League
Greg Holland (26) Kansas City Royals; Fernando Rodney (24) Seattle Mariners; Koji Uehara (9) Boston Red Sox; Glen Perkins (8) Minnesota Twins; Wade Davis (4) Kansas City Royals; Dellin Betances (4) New York Yankees; Jake McGee (3) Tampa Bay Rays; Joba Chamberlain (3) Detroit Tigers; Casey Janssen (3) Toronto Blue Jays.
National League:
Francisco Rodriguez (30) Milwaukee Brewers; Huston Street (17) San Diego Padres; Craig Kimbrel (10) Atlanta Braves; Kenley Jansen (10) Los Angeles Dodgers; Trevor Rosenthal (6) St. Louis Cardinals; Aroldis Chapman (4) Cincinnati Reds; Sergio Romo (4) San Francisco Giants; Jean Machi (3) San Francisco Giants.

Felix Hernandez would be our starting pitcher for the American League while Adam Wainwright would be our National League starter.

There are our choices for this years All-Star game. Agree or Disagree?

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Tomorrow (Thursday) is the first Sports Time Radio outing. Mr. Fantasy, Dan the Man and I are going to the Kane County Cougars game. Schaumburg Stu was unable to make it this year as his son is in town for a visit. The Cougars are a Class A farm team of the Chicago Cubs and their playing the Peoria Chiefs who are the Class A farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals. Kyle Schwarber was promoted to Kane County by the Cubs a couple of weeks ago; so hopefully he’ll be in the line up tomorrow and will get to see him play. Schwarber was the Cubs #1 draft pick this season and is hitting .379 with 4 home runs for the Cougars. Schwarber was one of the best bats in this years draft and moved up to Class A very quickly. It will be interesting to see him live.The Cougars where 45-25 in the first half and finished in 1st place in the Midwest League Western division. The Cougars are off to a fast start in the 2nd half as well. They’re 9-2 and in 1st place a 1 1/2 ahead of the Peoria Chiefs. The Chiefs finished the 1st half with a record of 39-32 in 3rd place. The Chiefs have first baseman Justin Ringo hitting .354 with 4 home runs and second baseman Mason Katz has 14 home runs, but his batting average is just .212 so far this season. The pitching match up we’re scheduled to see is Chase Brookshire for the Chiefs and Daury Torrez for the Cougars. Brookshire has appeared in 19 games this season with 9 of those appearances being starts. He is 2-3 with a 4.92 ERA and 45 strikeouts in 53 innings this season. Torrez has 14 appearances all starts for the Cougars. He is 8-3 with an E.R.A. of 3.14 in 80 1/3 innings this season. Torrez has a complete game shutout this season as well. I’m hoping we get to see a good game and maybe this will turn into something we can do every season. It would be nice if we could hit some different minor league parks, but I think I’m reaching there. I guess for right now I’ll take this first outing and will see how it goes from there.

I have all of our major league baseball All Star votes, so Saturday’s blog will have the 2nd annual Sports Time Radio All Star team in it. Mr. Fantasy, Dan the Man, Schaumburg Stu and I all picked our teams. We picked three players at every position with six outfielders and six starting pitchers. A player gets 8 points for a 1st place vote, 6 points for a 2nd place vote, 4 points for a 3rd place vote and so on down the line. I’m going to get everything totaled up and have it all ready for you by Saturday. I know one position that will be different for sure and that’s shortstop in the American League. Being that it’s Derek Jeter’s final season he’ll win the fans vote to start at shortstop, but I doubt your picks will go that way. Mr. Fantasy hates the fan voting because of this type of situation, but I don’t have a big problem with it when it’s for a player like Jeter. Jeter is hitting a solid .276 so far; with 2 homers and 20 runs batted in and 5 stolen bases in 72 games this season. Since there aren’t a ton of great shortstops in the American League Jeter is a good of choice as any to start what will be his final All Star game. You’ll see your starting shortstop on Saturday; who’s your American League starting shortstop?

The NBA and NHL free agent frenzy started this week. While the NBA got off to kind of slow start with just a few minor signings and everything being focused on players like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. The NHL had a flurry of signings with some big name players moving to new teams. The Colorado Avalanche made a big move signing Jarome Iginla away from the Boston Bruins. Thomas Vanek is leaving Montreal to play for the Minnesota Wild and goaltender Ryan Miller is leaving St. Louis to play for the Vancouver Canucks next season. The Blues did go out and sign center Paul Stastny. Those are a few of the signings that were made on day 1 of free agency. How did your favorite team do on day 1 of NHL free agency? Or are they waiting for LeBron and Carmelo to come visit your NBA city.

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While we don’t talk a lot of NASCAR on the show I have to say I like this new “win and you’re in format” for the Chase they have set up. Wins should be important and I don’t have to hear a driver interview at the end of a race where he’s talking about it “was a good points day”. While you can still get into the Chase on points a win pretty much gets you in. Right now Matt Kenseth is the first driver without a win; he’s in 11th place at this point of the season. They also bumped the number of driver in the Chase from 12 (twelve) to 16 (sixteen) drivers. Just that 1 (one) win is so important to a driver that I think the drivers without a win are going to really start pressing for a win as the regular season schedule winds down. There are 10 (ten) races left before the Chase starts. It’s a Saturday night race tonight for the drivers in Kentucky; so will see if a driver without a win can get one and a spot in the Chase.

Both the NBA and NHL drafts were held this week. The difference being when your favorite NBA team drafts a player he’s pretty much expected to come in and contribute right away. When your favorite NHL team drafts a player there’s a chance you may not see him for two (2), three (3) or even four (4) seasons. Top draft picks can and have come in and contribute to the team that selects them right away. The Florida Panthers are hoping this is the case with defenseman Aaron Ekblad. Ekblad was the #1 overall pick in the draft by the Panthers. With the 2nd pick the Buffalo Sabres took centerman Sam Reinhart. At #3 the Edmonton Oilers picked another center Leon Draisaitl. With the 4th pick the Calgary Flames took another center Sam Bennett and rounding out the top 5 (five) the New York Islanders picked left winger Michael Dal Colle. By position there where 9 (nine) centers, 9 (nine) right wingers, 7 (seven) left wingers and 5 (five) defenseman were drafted in the 1st round. No goalies; 0 (zero) where drafted in the 1st round. Does it surprise you that no goalies where drafted in round 1?

We covered the NBA draft in Wednesday’s blog; the day before it happened. I don’t think there where any really surprises maybe with the exception of the Orlando Magic making Aaron Gordon the 4th pick in the draft. Did any of the 1st round picks surprise you? We discussed the draft one yesterday’s show with Mr. Fantasy and Dan the Man. Dan was explaining how he dislikes the way trades our made during the draft and didn’t think it made sense. He didn’t understand and I don’t think myself or Mr. Fantasy did either. Why can’t a team who make the trade for that spot make the pick? Here’s an example; with the 10th pick the Philadelphia 76ers took point guard Elfrid Payton. There was a lot of discussion among the panel of experts covering the draft before one of them finally mentioned that their might be a trade. They even had an interview on the draft show with current 76ers point guard Michael Carter-Williams; who actually questioned of he’d still be with the 76ers. Interesting comments by Carter-Williams and if you’re a 76ers fan you couldn’t have been too happy with the way he was talking. Of course all of this was for nothing in the end. With the 12th pick the Orlando Magic took power forward Dario Saric. It was then announced that the Magic and the 76ers had agreed to trade Payton for Saric. Now if this was done before the 10th pick was made why couldn’t have Orlando of made that pick? I would love to say that they where trying to get a story out of Carter-Williams, but I really don’t think that’s what it was. I think they just caught a break their with his reaction. Their where a couple of trades during the draft and they where all handled this way. I don’t get it; can you explain it to me.

So Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays, Nelson Cruz of the Baltimore Orioles and Jose Abreu are all tied for the American League lead in home runs with 25. Would you like to see these three (3) players compete for the American League in the Home Run Derby? How about on the National League side. Do you want Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton on your team? how about Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds. I know they’ve changed to a bracket format for the home run derby, but it still doesn’t make me want to watch it. I know Major League Baseball (MLB) is trying to make this interesting, but it’s just to long for me. I can remember watching the old Home Run Derby; in black and white. It had two (2) players facing off against each other and they got three (3) outs per inning. With as many players involved in the Home Rune Derby now I’m not sure they could use that format, but for me they need to find a way to make it shorter. I understand it’s done for television and I’ll check in on it to see what’s happening, but I just can’t sit down and watch the entire thing all the way through. Can you watch it from start to finish?

So, How was your week?

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So the NBA draft is tomorrow (Thursday) and the Cleveland Cavaliers have the 1st pick. It looked like a lock that the Cavaliers would take Joel Embid a 7 (seven) foot center out of Kansas. Of course Embid broke a foot and required surgery that will keep him out anywhere between 3 (three) to 6 (six) weeks and one doctor said it might be better for him to miss the entire 2015-16 season. Cleveland appears to have moved on from Embid and has it’s choice of Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker the top two (2) players in this draft now. There was a statement attributed to Parker that said if given the choice he’d prefer to play for the Milwaukee Bucks rather than the Cavaliers. Milwaukee has the 2nd pick in the draft and should take the player not taken #1 be it Wiggins or Parker. In the last couple of days there have been some trade rumors involving the #1 pick. The Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics have been two (2) of the teams mentioned in trying to deal for the 1st pick. Both teams have to fairly earlier 1st round picks. Orlando has pick #4 and pick #12; plus it’s been reported they’d include Aaron Afflalo. The Celtics have pick #6 and pick #17, but don’t really have a player the quality of Afflalo to include in there deal. So it’s possible Cleveland takes one of these deals and still selects Embid in the 1st round where there won’t be such an uproar by Cavalier fans. They’d also have a second 1st round pick to get a player who’s healthy to start training camp. I think Cleveland will go with one of these trade offers and move down in the draft. The team that may turn out to be the biggest loser in this draft is the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers pretty much tanked all of last season to have the chance to get Wiggins and it looked like the plan would work until Embid got injured. It seemed like Wiggins would be sitting their at #3, but now it looks more and more like Wiggins will go #1 overall to Cleveland or to a team that trades into that spot and then Parker will go #2 to Milwaukee. There is always the chance that these players will flip-flop with Parker at #1 and Wiggins coming off the draft board at #2. Either way Philadelphia loses out on a player projected to have a very good NBA future. I’ve seen some mock drafts that have the 76ers taking Embid, but if you remember they selected Nerlens Noel with their 1st round selection last season. Noel sat out the entire season with an injury, but he plays the same position as Embid. Would the 76ers double up at the center position? in back to back drafts. Besides the top three (3) guys in this draft there are some interesting players that will be drafted tomorrow. Dante Exum is a guard out of Australia who’s been compared to Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant. Exum is 19 years old and their may be some growing pains for the team that takes him, but he’s a top 5 pick in this draft. Noah Vonleh is another player who has made some big jumps up draft boards after the college season has ended. Vonleh played one (1) year at the University of Indiana and is a solid rebounder with a nice outside shot for a player his size. There are so many guys that I could go over that will be drafted that I don’t want to end up giving you another mock draft to read. A couple of players I’ll be interested to see where they get picked are Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott. Smart is listed as a point guard, but I’m not sure if he’ll play that position in the NBA. Of course at 6’3 it would be a good spot for him. McDermott can shoot the basketball and will fit into the right system. The biggest issue he might have in the NBA will be getting his own shot, but like I said in the right system he’ll be able to score. I’d look for the foreign players after Exum to start coming off the draft board in the 20′s. Dario Saric from Croatia, Clint Capela from Switzerland, Bogdan Bogdanovic from Serbia and 7’3 center Walter Tavares from Cape Verde are four (4) of these players. What does your favorite team need in this draft? Is your team in a position to draft that player?

The NBA draft is a little easier for me to watch. It’s just two (2) rounds and the clock is shorter than an NFL draft type of deal. Will you be watching?

With that; let’s call it Wednesday.

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If you’ve been listening to Sports Time Radio you know that I’ve been giving Dan the Man & Mr. Fantasy NBA & NHL playoff games to pick along with other miscellaneous games to pick. We ended this until next season on Tuesday with Dan the Man taking them out on a high note going 3-0. Sadly even with a perfect last day they still ended up under .500 at 39-45-1. Mr. Fantasy has suggested that they pick against each other next season; so maybe will go that way for picks. Schaumburg Stu also helped out making picks any time he filled in as a co-host.

I get to talk sports 5 times a week on Sports Time Radio. It airs Sunday at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., Thursday at 4:00 p.m. and Friday at 5:00 p.m. You can find the show on Blog Talk Radio, the one Dan the Man is supposed to be on three days a week with me and then of Mr. Fantasy is on twice a week. As I mentioned Schaumburg Stu is a more than capable fill in any time we need him to do that. With all the sports talk it started me thinking back to how I developed my love for sports. Like most this goes back to when I was a very young boy. My father was a huge sports fan and I’m talking about every sport. We watched them all together and he would try to explain what was going on during the games. Now this really picked up in the summertime especially on Sunday’s. My father was a chef; so every Sunday morning he made a big breakfast for my mother and I and then he’d get whatever we where having for dinner going. After that he’d take his 10 inch black and white television and he and I would head out to the backyard for the day. Now my father had a Goute; so he wasn’t really able to run around with me in the backyard, but he watched like it was the most important game on. Since he couldn’t get around all that well and I was an only child I was supplied with the equipment to play games myself. I had a Johnny Bench Batter Up and I also had a Pitch Back. Do you remember those? The Cubs game would come on first; because they didn’t have lights at Wrigley Field yet. Now my father was a Cubs fan; so this was a must watch. After that if it was early spring we might catch the end of a Bulls or a Blackhawks game. That was if the Blackhawks where on the road. You might not remember, but they didn’t show Blackhawks home games on television. In the summer he’d try to find the White Sox game to watch but it seemed every Sunday in the backyard ended with golf on that little black and white television. As I got a little older my father put a hole in the backyard; so I could practice putting at home. Now my father was a little older than the other kids father’s when I was born. He was 40 years old when I came along and sadly I lost him 28 years ago this month to cancer. Looking back I realized how he passed his love of all sports on to me. What I’m wondering is where did your love of a sport or sports as a whole come from?

On Wednesday Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw pitched what is being called one of the greatest games ever pitched in major league baseball. Kershaw no hit the Colorado Rockies and was one Hanley Ramirez throwing error away from a perfect game. Kershaw threw 107 pitches; 79 of which where strikes in the game and he struck out 15 Rockies hitters during the game. It was an 8-0 Dodgers win and Kershaw improved to 7-2-on the season. A pitching performance like this one re-establishes Kershaw as the premier left-handed pitcher in major league baseball. It was I who had mentioned that White Sox lefty Chris Sale had passed Kershaw as the best left-handed pitcher in baseball, but it looks like I was off on that. Bill James has come up with a sabermetric stat called Game Score. Game Score is a simple way of measuring the effectiveness of a pitcher’s start. A pitcher starts with 50 points, gets a point for each out, two points for each innings completed after the fourth inning, and one point for a strikeout. He is docked two points for each hit, four points for each earned run allowed, two points for each unearned run allowed and one point for each walk. An average Game Score in a given season usually ranges from 49 to 50. The way Game Score is calculated, nearly every start ends up scoring between 0 and 100, with occasional exceptions for extraordinarily good or bad pitching performances. Kershaw 15 strike out no-hitter was the 2nd highest game ever scored on Game Score. The only game it scored lower than was Kerry Wood’s one hit 20 strikeout performance from May 6th 1998. My only negative to this game was I didn’t get to see it. Being that it was a west coast game I was in bed long before this game ended. I know I’m just nitpicking, but I would’ve loved to see it live.

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So how was your week?

Since the followers to this blog seem to be increasing I figured I’d try to start writing a 2nd blog during the week and Wednesday seemed a good a day as any to do it. The plan is to get a blog up every Wednesday along with the Saturday blog and we’ll see how this goes.

While I wasn’t surprised to see the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship it was the way they beat them that surprised me. Game 1 was a 15 point win 110-95. Game 2 of course was the only game Miami won during the series. A 2 point Heat win 98-96. Game 3 of course went to San Antonio 111-92. Game 4 saw San Antonio win 107-86. San Antonio won the championship with a Game 5 victory 104-87. While I never made a prediction in this series; I just said I’d like to see the Spurs win. The majority of the experts I heard predicted the Heat to win this series; actually come to think of it I didn’t hear anyone pick the Spurs to win the series. While the experts thought the Spurs would keep the series close and some even said it would go seven games none of them thought San Antonio would win it let alone win it in the fashion they did. No one had Miami winning only one game in this series and no one had them being beaten the way they where. Going into the series I thought Miami was the better team, but San Antonio dominated Miami in winning the championship. Kawhi Leonard was the Spurs player who broke out in the finals. He averaged 17.8 points per game for the series, but in the final three games he went for 29 points in Game 3. 20 points in Game 4 and 22 points in Game 5. Leonard actually posted double-doubles in Games 4 and 5. He grabbed 14 rebounds in Game 4 and then 10 rebounds in Game 5. For his play Leonard was named NBA finals MVP. While Leonard was the breakout star San Antonio’s big three did their part to win this championship. Tim Duncan had double-doubles in three games; Game 1, Game 2 and Game 4. Tony Parker made a case for himself being the best point guard in the NBA. Parker averaged 18.0 points and 4.6 assists during the finals. Manu Ginobili averaged 14.4 points and 4.4 assists during the finals. When Danny Green struggled shooting the ball in Game 5 it was Ginobili who stepped up and went 3 for 6 from behind the three-point line. Green was held scoreless in Game 5 and the Spurs needed Ginobili to come up big like he did. Will this be the Spurs last title with this big three no one can be sure. Duncan is 38 years old, Ginobili is 36 and Parker is 32. Head coach Greg Popovich has said he plans on coaching next season after some rumors came out that he might retire if the Spurs won the title. There was also that same rumor floated out there about Duncan, but nothing has been confirmed. Ginobili as well may retire from the NBA and return to Argentina and play for their team. Will have to wait and see what these Spurs do, but they’ll do it as champions.

Let the NBA off-season rumor mill start. Will LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all stay in Miami? Where will Carmelo Anthony be playing next season? The Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls are the reported front-runners if Carmelo does opt out of his deal and become a free agent. All reports have indicated that he will opt out, but remember the New York Knicks can pay him more than any other team out there. How would interest in Carmelo change if LeBron opted out of his deal in Miami and became a free agent? Could a team Like the Los Angeles Clippers who are on the verge of winning a title make the moves they’d need to make to bring in a player like Carmelo. The Clippers are a team that could be a dark horse for a guy like Anthony. Can Kevin Love force the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade him? and where would he end up. Love has mentioned the Bulls as well as the Golden State Warriors as two places he’d like to go. Could Carmelo be a sign and trade player for the Knicks? Could LeBron end up playing in Cleveland next season? Is there a team that’s willing to pay the price Minnesota would want for Love? Plus the NBA Draft is right around the corner; Thursday June 26th. All this and more will be answered in the NBA off-season.

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